All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Trisha Ann Shandy and Neith Andrew Jackman, on Aug. 3

Dana Michele Sexton and Jacob Willis Ray Foos, on July 28

Ueamporn Intama and Jesse Lee Murray, on Aug. 4

Kennedee Sheila Burk and Kyle Kennedy Blankenship, on Aug. 19

Katie Marie Malensowsky and Hunter Hayes Heller, on Aug. 10

Donna Marie Villanyi and Andrew John Desin, on July 7

Amanda Lynn Agnew and Dylan Jon Stoltenberg, on July 28

Katelyn Jo Ferguson and Shaylond James Reay, on Aug. 4

Amber Kristine Keltner and Brandon Paul Dimish, on Aug. 17

Megan Paige Cullingworth and Pete R. Zimmerman Mitchell, on Aug. 9

Karen Christiansen and Larry Russell Sessions, on Aug. 4

Christie Mae Rambin and David Jon Brown, on July 28

Linda Ruth Filpula and Teal Lynn Zankie, on Aug. 4

Alicia Jenay Smith and Kyle Jared Solheim, on Aug. 18

Kylie Ann Jimmerson and Loren Thomas Walker, on Aug. 25

Danielle Anna Cooper and Derrick Walter Jordan, on Aug. 18

Michelle Marie Lewis and Donald Mackenzie Anderson, on Aug. 24

Kathryn Danyelle Webber and Adam Gene Potter, on July 22

Mariah Sky King and Jacob William Hunt, on Aug. 25

Shanon Rochelle Ashworh and Marcos Anthony Lopez, on July 4

Mykal Alexis Hatten and Matthew David Willoughby, on July 28

Nicole Marie-Beth Orrison and Jonathan Nikolaus Tokarsky, on Aug. 9

Blanca Estela Villalon and Roger Allen Simpson, on Aug. 4

Mckenna Elizabeth Sonnett and Joel Stephen Overholt, on Aug. 3

Tonya Marie Glasgow and Michael Lorin Yost, on Aug. 18

Brenna Alexandra Braaten and Cody Francis Brockel, on Aug. 25

Ashley Nicole Garcia and Evan Michael Barnhart, on Aug. 26

Asha Dawn Heggen and Ross Daniel Franzen, on July 28

Merissa Gail Biesheuvel and Joshua David Fryenhagen, on Aug. 11

Casey Fern Nelson and Todd O’Malley Lundberg, on Aug. 16

Danielle Rae Pipkey and Nile Ranson Zimmerman, on Aug. 3

Callie Ann VanLuvanee and Bryce Kendall Baker, on Aug. 4

Whitney Suzanne Harris and Jeremy Scott Ostermiller, on Aug. 11

Shylo DeEtta Gouker and Zachary Adam Crone, on Aug. 11

Katherine Joy Luttrell and Thad Blake Lensing, on Aug. 4

Katharine Ann Butler and Zachary Thomas Winkelmann, on Aug. 25

Rachel Kayla Morton and Joshuah James Cooper, on Aug. 25

Kirsten Michelle Loop and Kalvin Kahei Tang, on Aug. 5

Corinne Evelyne Cressler and Steve Henry Eriksen, on Aug. 22

Iranda Lou D. Evankovich and Samuel Mathias Wambach, on Aug. 11

Rebecca Kay Kepferle and Andres Anthony Castro, on Aug. 17

Sarah Nicole Sloan and Kyle Malin Leikam, on Aug. 18

Angela Patrice Glassing and Dane Ross Yeager, on July 28

Kayla Nicole Wanner and Clayton Reid Cathey, on July 28

McKenzie Michelle Klunder and Calub Lee Thilmony, on Aug. 11

Melissa Ann Fusco and Michael Kent Coley II, on Aug. 11

Emily Grace Kelley and Jordan Robert Smith, on July 27

Connie Frances Meland and Steven Robert Christensen, on Aug. 19

Samantha Jo Tryon and Zachery Donn Schye, on Aug. 17

Adelle Joyce Reinke and James Robert Kimmell II, on Aug. 18

Amy Leigh Monroe and Miguel Angel Hernandez, on Aug. 4

Tyla Rae Jones and Zachery Eugene Keil, on Aug. 18

April Dawn Hyem and Bridger Paul Eaton, on Aug. 18

Alan Eugene Patterson and Anthony Franklin Anderson, on July 23

Sierra Lynne Buchholz and Sean Michael Larson, on July 28

James William Stacy and Kelly Rae Church, on Aug. 13

Brandi Michelle Painter and Brandon Michael Wallace, on Aug. 4

Luis Alberto Chavez and Triniti Nicole Halverson, on Aug. 19

Helen Lalley Webber and Daniel Evan Joda, on Aug. 4

Adolfo Cameron Benavidez and Jennifer Laurie Bryant, on July 29

Sarah Colleen Shaw and Matthew Allen Gunn, on Aug. 18

Dillon Stetson Todd and Cindy Marie Staffanson, on Aug. 11

Jennifer Ann Collen and Amy Marie Koroghlanian, on Aug. 3

Kayla Janae Wallin and Michael Allen Rogers, on Aug. 4

Beth Ann Link and Richard Garfield Simons, on Aug. 18

Robbin Elizabeth Corey and William Tanner Sitton, on Aug. 4

Alison Laurel Royer and James Ethan Ray, on Aug. 18

Lillian Schoer and Sean Dylan Cox, on Aug. 4

Amber Rose Moller and Jonathon Lloyd McKibbin, on Aug. 20

Madison Marie Gaglia and Chase Martin Williamson, on Aug. 17

Katelyn Taylor Albright and Kasey Ray Kunkel, on July 31

Jennifer Lin Hardin and John Michael Perault, on Aug. 18

Chelsey Renae Zimmerman and Keithan Oliver Gregg, on Aug. 4

Molley Dianne Henneberry and Cody Weston Sutton, on Aug. 25

Jessica Lynne Sandvik and Robert Theodor Mashek, on Aug. 4

Shiann Lorraine Churchill and Joshua McHale Anthony, on Aug. 8

Shaunna Rae Kehm and Conway Craig Hendrickson, on Aug. 18

Raven Shadoh Ponce and John Richard Pantoja III, Aug. 12

Tiana Noel O’Tremba and Tanner Dale Yates, on Aug. 4

Jody Lee Ferestad and Kevin Lee Andersen, on Aug. 9

Sarah Kate Stabelfeldt and Kevin Thomas Simmons, on Aug. 17

Alexi Payne and Matthew Cook Christiansen, on Aug. 18

Yvonne Marie Bjorndal and Matthew Tyler Ransom, on Aug. 18

Shawnee Jean Conboy and Rikko Chris Bolotas, on Aug. 9

Luying Li and Tod Frank Toter, on Aug. 8

Alicia Ellen Leary and Peter Benjamin Albrecht, on Aug. 27

Karli Morgan Sullivan and Jerred Elijah Bies, on Aug. 26

Liliana Emilie Munn and Devin Eugene Williams, on Aug. 6

Michaelanne Beverly Chavez and Richard David Wedel Jr., on Aug. 25.

McKenzie Maree Jones and Cody Ray Long, on Aug. 10

Tabitha Nicole Basil and Joshua Robert Sage, on Aug. 18

Heather Ann Saulter and Dane Clark Bancroft, on Aug. 22

Caitlin Marie Chandler and Tyler Ryan Nash, on Aug. 11

Kirsten Stella Douglas and Kevin Arnold McNurlin, on Aug. 8

Morgan Elizabeth Tuss and Keith Earl Tresch, on Aug. 8

Kylee Rashell Hill and Charles Edward Kochman, on Aug. 18

Kayla Montgomery and Mickal Roy Lang, on Aug. 24

Ashley Jordan Sheehan and Brendon Ronald Cady, on Aug. 25

Ann Marie Brown and Sean Patrick Funston, on Aug. 9

Rachel Lee Bullinger and Kevin Patrick Baker, on Aug. 11

McKenzie Wray Kauer and Edward Jesse Jorden, on Aug. 18

Chevelle Marie Metzer and Jordan Markus Goodell, on Aug. 25

Lindy Dawn Anderton and Paul Albert Lancaster, on Aug. 10

Micah Nicole Blair and Phillip Kody Voigt, on Aug. 10

Athea Elizabeth Laverty and Chad Kelly Carraway, on Aug. 10

Tara Marie Hlavnicka and Beau James Newell, on Aug. 10

Tiffany Jo Vallie and Shawn William Johannes, on Aug. 13

Amanda Cheri Massey and Levi Douglas Kraiter, on Aug. 18

Morgan May Davis and Robert Joe Scheffelman, on Aug. 18

Anne Marie Johnson and Richard Anthony Jacobs, on Aug. 18

Jami Rene Clark and Anthony John Wilcox, on Aug. 18

Raschel Kaye Gallagher and Cody Michael Boehm, on Aug. 16

Karla Kay Terrel and Charles Ernest Robert, on Aug. 16

Nicole Michelle Nelson and Collin David Miller, on Aug. 24

Tristan Kay DeMers and Shane Lee Willis, on Aug. 18

Lona Kay Higgins and Kelly Dean Sanchez, on Aug. 22

Stacy Ann Hamilton and David James Moen, on Aug. 31

Jeffery Peter Flint and Margaret Mary Rolfe, on Aug. 28

Tracy Lynn Schug and Kody Beaux Bourbeau, on Aug. 29

Rochelle Rae Tuggle and Wade Steven Strietmatter, on Aug. 31

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