Marriage licenses issued in Yellowstone County in August 2019

Marriage licenses issued in Yellowstone County in August 2019

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Monica Adrienne Hardcastle and Alejandro Edward Coca, on Aug. 5

Kathryn Marie Macartney and Kevin Roger Frazer, on Aug. 3

Hanna Marie Jandro and Schroder, Charles Lawerence, on July 27

Karlee Elizabeth Agenbroad and Kris Castro, on Aug. 3

Kristi Nicole Love and Derek Minoru Tsukada, on Aug. 10

Rachele Heriberta Medrano and Obed Murillo Acosta, on Aug. 3

Sierra Wren Baker and Stacy Lee Arnold, on Aug. 16

Jessie Marie Patrick and Tristan Chase Sukut, on Aug. 3

Annai Navarro and Matthew Lee Gutierrez, on Aug. 17

Blake James Williams and Kelly Marie Brotzel, on July 13

Chase Connor Gray and Lani Rae Taylor, on Aug. 10

Sienna Nicole Bell and Daniel Ryan Gordon, on Aug. 10

Tanner Allen Coomber and Ashley Theresa Kratochvil, on Aug. 3

Zachery Todd Harmon and Vanessa Renee Besel, on Aug. 10

Joele Ann Mangen and Jacob Donald Haemmerle, on July 20

Amy Elizabeth Doss and Samuel Charles Deschamps, on Aug. 10

Jeremiah Matthew O'Neill, Joseph Wayne Chalupa, on July 20

Macayla Dawn Birdwell and Wesley Curtis Jessen, on Aug. 17

Chelsie Lynn Phillips and James Aaron May, on July 31

Andrea Renee Lutz and Andrew Reed Baker, on Aug. 10

Hayley Jean Mayes, Winston Drysdale Johnson, on July 20

Stephanie Alisse Karklin, Benjamin Lee Peterson, on Aug. 3

Samantha Jo Boelter and Matthew Scott Huck, on Aug. 25

Valerie Kim Lackman and David Edwin Maier, on Aug. 17

Denise Marie Nutt and Jeffrey Martin Willett, on Aug. 6

Alyssa Nicole Tibor and Edward Malcom Carson, on Aug. 17

Soledad Guadalupe Corchado, Orlandor Bernard Westbrooks,

Marsha Anne Wolfson and William Franklin Anderson Jr., on July 3

Alycia Rachelle Tadlock and Matthew David Glasson, on Aug. 3

Sarah Freeman Yager and James Richard Hamblin, on July 7

Lynda Rae Rux and Michael Joseph Marler, on Aug. 3

Kyla Rae Pollock and Bridger Craig Jones, on Aug. 10

Abigail Marie Onstad and Cooper Michael Vinton, on July 20

Kaylee Mae Kimmet and Paul Devon Greeley, on July 27

Lana Juanna Metesh and Andre William Delano Jordan, on Aug. 11

Pamala Ann Arland, Zane Michael Holdbrook, on Aug. 4

Anessa Marie Braun and Trevor Christian Hopf, on Aug. 9

Tatyana June Chilton and Kyle Patrick Edgell, on July 27

Rachel Michelle Mayes and Nathaniel Lee Meiers, on Aug. 3

Lorraina Mae Kamps and Billy James Smith, on Aug. 23

Kylen Jade Schmitt, Skyler Dale Slade, on July 25

Denay Rae Troxell and Keegan James Bobick, on Aug. 2

Amy Christine Kanning and Kristin Wade Rosager, on July 31

Hope Ashlee Stull and Jesse Ray Feragen, on July 21

Erica Kyong Hansen, Alexander Tomas Lozada, on July 20

Ashley Anne Sharbono and Toby Chandler Tooke, on Aug. 24

Rachel Isabelle Hafla and Russell Edward Nemetz, on Aug. 24

Barbara Lynn Donaldson and Robert Raymond Kovalik, on Aug. 3

Kayla Nicole Stanek and Kier Scott Pederson, on Aug. 11

Kera Ilene Kalco and Nathan Ryan Kolata, on Aug. 17

Sarah Jean Arneson, Jacob Jerome Winter, on Aug. 17

Elizabeth Marie Burden Clites, Denver Robert James Russell, on Aug. 24

Cassandra Beth Wilson, Drew Randall Magnusson, on July 25

April Dawn Hofer, Timothy Scott Hofer, on Aug. 3

Lucila Fernandez Darkenwald, Craig Jeffrey Simonds, on Aug. 30

Maria Cristina Soto Bovone and Adam Michel Guzman, on Aug. 8

Bobbi Jean Heinle and Mark Lewis Breitwiser, on Aug. 5

Karissa Jean DeRudder and Chad Aaron Lueck, on Aug. 8

Hanna Nicole Anderson and David James Moorhead, on Aug. 17

Nisha Kay Trevizo and Heron Lee O'Neal, on Aug. 10

Maddie Madeleine C. Jones and Philip Wilson Hennessey, on Aug. 17

Tamara Lynn Bozman and William Ambrose Sweeney, on Aug. 16

Luiza Mourao Heredia Araujo and Benjamin Warren Hager, on Aug. 16

Morgan Anne Brennan and Joshua James Eickhoff, on Aug. 10

Kendra Sue Arnold and Ozcan Tiktas, on Aug. 18

Brooke George and Kyle Jacob Hamblin, on Aug. 3

Miranda Renee Sommerville and Jacob James Roney, on Aug. 10

Deborah Lee Price and Jesse Thomas Guarino, on Aug. 6

Jodi Lee Brinkman and Peter Gregory Stathos, on Aug. 1

Mitzi Susann Bestall and William Ted Murphy, on Aug. 2

Paula Rae Hawbaker and Bruce Embrey VanDyke, on Aug. 10

Savannah Spain Vaicius and Karter Dylan Estill, on Aug. 17

Marielle Marie Spitzer and Anthony Charles Cossitt, on Aug. 24

Erica Lynn Anderson and Dalton James Elmore, on Aug. 3

Delaine Emilee Becker and Chad S. Fink, on Aug. 5

Abigail Marguerite Miller and Joseph Ryan Viviano, on Aug. 10

Tasm Wilson Bear Don't Walk and Christina Haley Dunn, on Aug. 7

Michael Alan McNulty and Dixie Lynn Mikkelson, on Aug. 7

Kelly Ryan Moore and Jacqueline Elizabeth Hamilton, on Aug. 14

Ilishe Marie Harasymczuk and Chauncey Glyn Swain, on Aug. 7

Joseph Daniel Stricker and Brooke Renee Vogt, on Aug. 8

Kim Reifer and Jeanne Marie Kerr, on Aug. 14

Sherri Etta Brazil and Phillip Edward Novak, on Aug. 9

Sheena Ann Arneson and Michael Patrick Stenberg, on Aug. 17

Johanna Dianna Sanchez and Christopher Robert Hanna, on Aug. 25

Colleen Anne Smith and Thomas Patrick Barrett, on Aug. 16

Nichole Lynn Ostrem and Daniel Ray Weimer, on Aug. 17

Jennifer Leigh Vann and Martin Robertus, on Aug. 24

Mariah Sue Pantoja and Jason Alexander Lee Hopkins, on Aug. 17

Jharlenee Nava-Hernandez and Joseph Samuel Segall, on Aug. 13

Melissa Erin Leafdale and Justin Wayne Prevost, on Aug. 13

Anna Alicia Rios and Christopher Leroy Williams, on Aug. 17

Mildred Marie Schanz and Charles Haggerton Jr., on Aug. 14

Sharon Lee Zieske and Joe Carlos Jr., on Aug. 16

Margaret Anna King and Wesley Parsons Turner III, on Aug. 24

Sarah Marissa Hardy and Michael John Owens Jr., on Aug. 17

Alyssa Larene Woody and George Baptiste Faithful, on Aug. 19

Jennifer Ann Mims and James Joseph Streitz, on Aug. 18

Megan Rae Beam and Erik Scott Macke, on Aug. 23

Chelcie Rae Erdmann and Justin Ray Bertino, on Aug. 24

Carolyn Ann Prince and Mathew Merle Medley, on Aug. 24

Demi Michelle Wignot and Zachary Steven Tallon, on Aug. 24

Sara Margaret Stewart and Austin Jay Zacher, on Aug. 23

Rachel Lin Gallagher, Gary Fredrick McCleery, on Aug. 22

Katherine Louise Messimer and Chad Allen Newell, on Aug. 22

Libia del Pilar Quiroga and Joseph Michael Patton, on Aug. 24

Erlissa RosieBeth Fighter and Roman Kyle Hugs, on Aug. 29

Kristen Susanna Selk and Caleb Elijah Smith, on Aug. 27

Leah Ruth Rush and Ryan Donald Ranes, on Aug. 23

Kristen Marlene Wilson and Thaddeus Xavier Martens, on Aug. 26

Tara Jean Gibson and John Lee Elliott, on Aug. 30


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