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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Tia Rose The Boy and Jason Ethan Chamberlain, on May 12

Amy Christine Hughes and Colby Richard Collura, on May 26

Brittany Lynne Feiler and Rory Erik Bunn, on May 5

Kelli Dawn Harper and Brooks Rexford Clark, on May 18

Nancy Cooper and John C. Bohlinger, on May 12

Mona Lisa Whiteside and Malia Joy Welhaven, on May 5

Kelly Lynn Gardner and Samantha Elizabeth Kaufman, on April 29

Aprilleena Ann Strethem and Kevin Wayne Bennett, on April 14

Bethany Frances Shaules and Jamie Ray Grav, on May 5

Darlene Fay Laferriere and Jerry Charles Iacopini, on April 28

Lindsey Lee Watson and Ryan James Gustafson, May 17

Alison Nicole Hege and Phillip Goerge Minder, on May 12

Shawn Michelle Burkhardt and Richard Harvey Johnson, on May 26

Brittany Renae Dorr and Angelo C. Torres Jr., on April 21

Britney Allyn Wells and Benjamin Aaron Schwarz, on May 12

Ariel Catherine Ochoa and Jordan Walter FitzGerald, on May 13

Tami Antoinette Hartmann and Michael Lee Youngblood, on May 26

Tiana Janae Hanson and Tate LeRoy Pearson, on May 4

Jody Elizabeth Nave and Richard James Smith, on May 18

Amber Lynn Rienhart and Adam James Rozett, on April 27

Rebecca Lynn Chapman and HoldenJames Morgan, on April 27

Rikki Lynn Murrill and Tyler Frederick Swant, on May 5

Alecia Marie Martin and Levi Don Beaver, on May 4

Dung Ton Minh Pham and Raymond Lloyd Brown, on April 27

Valerie Lynn Bryant and Lawrence Whitney Willette, on May 5

Danielle Marie Prior and Glenn Carter Roy-Johnson Jr., on May 4

Bryant Roswell Ortt and Judy Diane Hughes, on May 12

Shannon Elizabeth Sanders and Shane Charles McAllister, on May 11

Amber Rae Overbeeke and Nicholaus Darnell Jones, on May 26

Remi Jean Corveau and Jaymeson Earl Red Star, on May 1

Virginia LaMoine Reynolds and Robert Benjamin Crigamire, on May 12

Cidney Eleanor Pyre and Harper Elliot Pyre, on May 23

Courtney Anne Kosovich and Jonathan Macdaniel Ball, on May 5

Hilary Jean Ulrickson and Casey Morgan Snell, on May 5

Guenevere D. Plain Feather and Mark Paul Spotted Horse, on May 9

Baily Lee Osterberg and Timothy James Frick, on May 11

Keri Lee Conter and Kenneth Eugene Streacker, on May 11

Cassandra Marie Staton and Wesley Mark Staton, on May 11

Michel Marie Wicka and John Robert Ridenhower, on May 14

Carmen Marie Kercher and John Ross Kaufmann, on May 14

Le’Dawn Marie Michels and Bryan Charles Bickham, on May 14

Amy Jolynn Korell and Brian Dean Korell, on May 15

Deanna Christine Brunn and Kevin Daniel Anthony, on May 18

Nikki Lee Rye and Bryce Alden Wiberg, on May 18

Ilene Marie Neudick and Ronald Keith Martin, on May 19

Breeanna Lynn Lumley and Kyle Lee Peterson, on May 19

Victor Hugo Da Silva Cursino and Fredric Martin Lake, on May 19

Susan Helen Van Winter and Kyle Adam Brown, on May 30

Julianna Naprie Castro and Tucker John Heiser, on May 23

Deanna Faith Dawes and John Jeremiah Bacon, on May 23

Shannon Kathleen O’Connor and Alec Daniel Rose, on May 27

Allison Nicole Brown and Jeremy Joseph Collett, on May 26

Ellyn Elizabeth Wing and Mitch Gordon Daley, on May 26

Shawna Lynn Kurpjuweit and Johnny Chyrl Rankin Jr., on May 24

Lynn Ludden and James Michael Ludden, on May 25

Edith Ann Zickuhr and Brian Michael Srock, on May 25

Angela Irene Schneider and Grant Edward Erickson, on May 31

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