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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Katherine Maria Stabio and Ryan Nathaniel Mohr on Aug. 13

Ivy Paris and Stephen James Asay on Aug. 13

Mandi Ruth Graham and Shannon Lee Wilemon on Aug. 15

Stephanie Marie Hert and John Andrew Elsenpeter on July 30

Kerry Lee Chappell and Brain Robert Hutchens on Aug. 17

Tia Rose Tomburello and Chancey Ray Watson on Aug. 6, in Beaverhead County

Amanda Allyn Pillman and Tyler Cash Cross on Aug. 13, in Flathead County

Jolene Tvetene and Colin Kampschroer on July 15

Amberlee Vae Nelson and William Gerrick Phillips on Aug. 13

Beret Grace Mantei and Thomas Scott Newpower on July 23, in Missoula County

Susan Denise Teigen and Douglas Hugh Cornelius on Aug. 6

Shannon Dianne Puckett and Joseph Bateman May on Aug. 6, in Gallatin County

Leah Ann Lund and Timothy John Burns on July 30

Michelle Renee Kahn and Aaron Joel Ennis on Aug. 19

Carla Raenn Hutson and Benjamin Patrick Nordlund on July 30, in Stillwater County

Mariama Page Sutter and Jeffrey Daniel Dalton on July 9, in Carbon County

Kristine Marie Favero and Jacob Mason Williams on Aug. 6, in Carbon County

Cassidy Jo Henry and Caleb Ryan Lemons on July 30, in Musselshell County

Allie Michelle Pace and Matthew McPhillips Hein on Aug. 6

Breanna Marie Bishop and Bryan Kaleb Callahan on Aug. 5

Karen L. Klement and Woodrow Foy Woods Jr. on Aug. 13

Nova Elizabeth Pauls and John Perkins Sanford on Aug. 6, in Gallatin County

Morgan Leigh Denny and Colter Jon Witzel on July 23

Haleigh Elizabeth Crnkovich and Samuel Ryan Dembek on Aug. 6

Megan June Young and Mack Donald Hawbaker on July 16, in Gallatin County

Celeste Bauer and Larry Freitas on July 25

Summer Rochelle Schoer and Kenneth Michael Rakstad on Aug. 12

Hailey Suzanne Petzoldt and Raymond Charles Longstreth on Aug. 24, in Madison County

Amanda Kapsner and Christopher Lee Fischer on Aug. 27

Lisa Marie Rivera and Donald James Kemp on July 31

Angela Jean Dreamer and Michael A. LeClaire on July 2

Shay Jeanmarie Edwards and Todd James Tenney on July 30

Syeda Mariya Qadri and Patrick Kelly Griffiths on Aug. 11

Julie Rae Gayvert and Caleb James Smith on July 30

Shelby Nicole Finch and James Joseph Giannini on July 23, in Flathead County

Amanda Marie Piatte and Ryan Alan Moe on Aug. 13

Kelsey Lee West and Chad Michael Smith on July 30, in Park County

Patti Jo Guslander and Michael Edward Mazurkiewicz on Aug. 13, in Fergus County

Meghan Ann Sparboe and Kolter Lance Leep on Aug. 6, in Carbon County

Jodie Tenicin Smith and Simon Peter Bierbach on July 30, in Carbon County

Randi Nicole McInerney and Shawn Matthew Gaalswyk on July 27, in Flathead County

Karissa Ann Linn and Devin Jeffrey Nagel on July 29

Kayla Genelle Booke and Cody Ray Berry on July 30

Allison Lee Everett and Brodie Michael McDonald on July 23

Jeanette Howell Merenz and Nicholas Jay Albrecht on Aug. 5

Kristen Louise Houston and Benjamin Wade Cunningham on Aug. 20, in Stillwater County

Sheena Rae Hein and Jacob Hill Sanford on July 30

Tayt Morgan Ellison and Shane Allen Wanner on Aug. 19

Heather Lynn Grieco and Chad Samuel Mall on Aug. 6

Oksana Zakharchenko and Terence Patrick Sheehan on Aug. 13

Caitlin Jessica Revoir and Cale William Teske on Aug. 6

Esther Phoebe Landrie and David Allen Jensen on July 30

Maria Kathrine Martin and Ronald Paul Dinkel on July 30

Sydney Michelle Ausen and Phillip Timothy Griffin on Aug. 6

Megan Marie Bailey and Ross Allan Martin on July 23, in Stillwater County

Hannah Elizabeth Ulrichs and Brock Gregory Meyer on July 29

Chelsea Ann Evangeline and Joshua Lane Cole on July 30

Samantha Kay Larsen and Nolan Perry Tewell on July 28

Rachel Marie Jones and Jessy Brandon Weeks on July 31

Talia Annie Jane Super and Joshua Allyn Byram on Aug. 20

Brittany Lee Critelli and Robert Victor DiGiallonardo on Aug. 12

Ashley Nicole Lizarrago and Cory Camaron Overturf on Aug. 7, in Stillwater County

Julia Marie Schmidt and Nathan John Eggebrecht on Aug. 20, in Sweet Grass County

Raeann Nicole Hackey and Brian James Huskey on July 29, in Gallatin County

Chelsea Kay Kerr and Joshua Mathew Cantrell on July 30

Margo Lynn McCallum and Michael Wayne Turley on July 30

Hannah Ariel Hogg and Eric Oakley Wendt on Aug 6

Lauren Elizabeth Peterson and Dane Asay Robertson on Aug. 13

Erika Eleanor Gwinn and Kristofor Josef Musser on Aug. 14, in Carbon County

Haley Nicole Lamiaux and Benjamin Peter Matous on July 30

Vonda Kay Huszti and Beth Ann Feldman on Aug. 15

Megan Elizabeth Mollgaard and David Richard Model on Aug. 13

Shainne Irene Barber and Dalen Thomas Johnson on July 30, in Powell County

Brinna Jones and Taylor Scott Forsyth on July 30

Whitney Jeanine Waylander and Chad Dean Dockter on Aug. 6, in Carbon County

Sandra June Eberle and Garry Wayne Croft on Aug. 8, in Carbon County

Jennifer Denise Schroeder and Bryan Michael Kautz on Aug. 20

Wanda Gail Gates and Jackie Lee Stallcup on July 30

Brianna Lynn Darley and Michael Jason Tippetts on July 30

Kimberly Lillie Robertson and Wynston William Anglen on July 30

Jordan Nicole Courneya and Robert Joseph Stelly on July 29

KaCee Carter and Austin Lee Vigness on July 29

Bertha Entz and Hardy B. Wipf on July 31, in Golden Valley County

Elizabeth Jamie Keller and Justin Daniel Anselmi on Aug. 13

Terese Kathleen Thelen and Bret Thomas Murray on Aug. 7, in Lake County

Miriam May Cross and David Andres Munive Benites on Aug. 2

Rebecca Lynn Reichert and Koey Jerel Waters on Aug. 1

Carole Lynn Meier and Russell Clayton Wilson on Aug. 1

Jennika Mariah Brown and Junior Albert Velasquez Garay on Aug. 4

Karmen Kae Kerr and Brad Donald Hedges on Aug. 11

Briana Destiny Swanke and Chandler Eugene Ingle on Aug. 2

Kathryn Lea Olp and Adam Jon Restad on Aug. 6

Joelle Lynn Keough and Matthew Peter Wong on Aug. 7, in Gallatin County

Kennedy Michelle Robbins and Thomas John Neale in Aug. 6

Holly Allison Silvers and Alexander Patrick Blehm on Aug. 6, in Carbon County

Kacey Lynn Hartmann and John Earl Epping on Aug. 13

Emily Charlotte Kading and Blaine Lee Phillips on Aug. 6

Kathrine Marie Lukacs and Richard Ingram-Hegenbart on Aug. 10

Molly Dee Stott and Austin Kin Leishman on Aug. 6

Deborah Diane Hutcherson and Burton Pretty on Top Jr. in Aug. 5

Susan Ann Rhinehart and Timothy Edward Fulks on Aug. 8

Alyson Jo Kasemodel and Patrick Jacob McGuire on Aug. 12

Heriberta Ochoa Angeles and Jacob Charles Lowther on Aug. 20

Chloe Michele Kanning and Jacob John Hedge on Aug. 13

Holly Olinda Scheie and Randy Lee Bodley on Aug. 19

Alicia Eileen Burtchett and Benjamin Leo Kaluza on Aug. 13, Gallatin County

Beverly Ann Darrah and Paul John Daniels on Aug. 12

Myrna Jean McManus and Christopher Steven Rochelle on Aug. 10

Brenda Lavern Wilson and Carl Lewis Bakker on Aug. 15

Kimberly Marlene Martin and Justin Wayne Sillam on Aug. 12

Lua Janet Eijsink and Erfan Kevin Vafaie on Aug. 13

Rachel Lauren Dietrich and Andrew Miles Flack on Aug. 20, Carbon County

Sara Lynn Parker and Joshua Dean Collings on Aug. 11

Marilyn Ruth Thomas and Robert Kyle Stricklin on Aug. 12

Mandy Dee Winchell and Jonas Lee Flansburg, on Aug. 12

Christine Ann DiBenedeto and Miles Brett Williamson, on Aug. 12

Julia Nicole Eminger and Andrew Lawrence Larson on Aug. 12

Joy Sneha Dow and Mark Ryan Ager on Aug. 22

Kristin Anita Hyndman and Jacob Lee Weidinger on Aug. 13

Kayla Marie Elrod and Joshua Vincent Hoops on Aug. 15

Jessica Monique Requeno and Troy Julian Mathis on Aug. 15

Bethany Lynn Farley and Branden Joseph Martinez on Aug. 16

Heather Jean Brunner and Christopher Thomas Fischer on Aug. 19, Lake County

Marlene Rae Alarcon and Steven Edward Alarcon on Aug. 18

Amber Lynn Frank and Derek John Schuler on Aug. 21

Brandi Arianna Paris and Robert Edward Johnson Jr. on Aug. 17

Andrea Marie Hudson and Tony Hernandez on Aug. 20

Katrise Marie Prescott and Justin Dean Snively on Aug. 20

Laura Jean Selles and Anthony Eugene Petty on Aug. 22

April Marie Peltier and Edwin David Tsosie Jr. on Aug. 19

Mackenzie Jo Grauberger and Frank Paul McIntyre on Aug. 23

Amanda Suzan Goodin and Cody Allen Ruttenbur on Aug. 23

Caitlin Marie Shipp and Emil Soderberg Svensson on Aug. 24

Ashley Lenn Temple and Dane Christopher Swartz on Aug. 25

Jessica Lynn Millward and Pax Alexander Tirrell on Aug. 26


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