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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Loretta Lynn Songer and Martin Emil Storfa on March 26

Stephanie Allene Johnson and Adam Ryan Smith on March 12

Lynda Ann Stoner and Gary Ronald Simonich on March 12

Nicole Kathleen Derrick and Christopher Alan Peterson on March 19, in Carbon County

Susan Rayleen Conners and Frank Martines on March 10

Pepper Lynn Iantsen and Glenn Earl Timmerman on March 17

Lacie Elizabeth Tallman and Robert Warren Jenkins on Feb. 29

Dawn Rene Broderius and Bart Wayne Keith on March 2

Cherry Anne Hipolito and Kennethy Anthony Alonzo Jr. on March 28

Rachelle Lynn Remsberg and Mason Levell Simmons on March 26

Kyndra Marie Hager and Gabriel Ray Elmore on Feb. 27

Amanda Dawn Scruggs and William Mitchell Devener on March 19

Jennifer Elizabeth Hoff and Cody William Thormahlen on Feb. 27

Ashley Dianne Zinda and Michael Jason Hooper on March 18

Meredith Leigh Traeholt and Rylan Ace Nichols on Feb. 29

Elizabeth Ann Shaub and Michael Ray Troyer on March 5

Annissa Jo Thomas and Joshua Eli Scott on March 12

Frances Helen Roper and Fredrick Bonogofsky on Feb. 27

Hilary Ann Mockel and Chad Clement Bionstock on March 13

Carmen A. Perugachi and Jonny Lema Diaz on Feb. 28

Madison Marie Nichols and Carlos Najar on March 11

Rhonda Lee Gabel-Hayden and Clinton Thomas Torczon on March 4

Cora Rae Schmitz and Marcia Marie Coughlin on March 17

Katie Threase Mendenhall and Daniel August Zickuhr on Feb. 26

Morgan Anne Jones and Seth Eugene Reif on March 18

Kristelle Antoinette Martinez and Joshua Dean Pitts on March 19

Chrislynn Lorraine Padgett and Derrick Chandler Lucero on March 1

Meaghan Leigh Opie and Brandon Lee Loomis on March 12

Brittany Kay Hegel and Quincy Clifford Waddell on March 22

Tatiana Yambo Medina and Xavier Osvaldo Molina Rivera on March 25

Isabel Augustina Weaver and David James Christenson on March 17

Morningstar Littledog Singer and Shaymon Kelly Mills on March 4

Christen Hope McInnis and Zachary Thomas Conner on March 22

Nico Rae Isakson and Steven Allen Brumbaugh on March 7

Laura Janene Maples and Jesse Mellon Krause on March 18

Kelly Nioma Johannsen and Matthew Wright Wiggins on March 12

Anna Marie Foster and Cody James Foley on March 25, in Cascade County

Elena Kasperovich and Ivan Denisovich Sinkov on March 11

Jocelyn Marie Fusco and William Henry Alberts IV on March 14

Kelsey Jean Strietmatter and Jared Annthony Butler on March 14

Desarie Dawn Lee and Luke Solomon Walker on March 26

Kristen Marie Diede and Christopher Ryan Stewart on March 20

Justine Kay Carpenter and Brett Daniel Swartz on March 19

Stephanie Renee Anderson and Jimi Lee Rodriguez III on March 16

Yesenia Jewell Redwoman and Paul Michael Beltran on March 17

Itxaropen Dyer Hernandez and John Lee Card II on March 18

Susan Ann Frederick and Justin David McCleary on March 17

Michelle Nicole McQueary and Stacey Lee Hiser on March 19

Jenny Katherine Marshall and Wenden Sean Martell on March 18

Jayme Lynn Reed and Adam Jay Tucker on March 21

Sandra Lupe Bravo and Leigh Mathias on March 28

Charlenee Huamash Riojas and Brodie Kyle Plotner on March 25

Mariah Zelda Volk and Antonio Rolondo RidesHorse on March 27

Ashlee Marie Borman and Joseph McKay Christensen on March 23

Alexis Danielle Johnson and Cody Orrin Bedlion on March 23

Crystal Ann Heaton and Stephen Carl Foster Jr. on March 25

Alexis Anne Gardner and Marshall Benjamin Acker on March 25

Panmela Moura Rodrigues and Ashley Nicole Flanigan on March 28

Sumi Sky Spain and Elijah Blaine Eagleman on March 30


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