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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Abigayle Rose Brown and Jordan Lee Larue on Aug. 22, 2015, Lewis and Clark County

Valerie Sue Williams and James Russell Willett on Sept. 10, 2015

Carrie Lynn Smith and John Centerwall Holland on Feb. 20, in Gallatin County

Wendolyn Rae Graf and Eduard Maxim Hengst on Feb. 26

Heather Lyn Reintsma and Joshua Boyd Harris on Jan. 30

Scotti Lynn Hilbert and Joshua Dale Young on Feb. 21

Carly Luisa Tortorelli and Kevin Shane Whitaker on Feb. 22

Nicole Marie De Luna and Byran Matthew Stevens on Jan. 5

Jennifer Nichole DuVal and Charles Michael Jacobs Jr. on Feb. 6, in Stillwater County

Kim Lynn Pachilis and Robert McQueen Williams on Feb. 23

Cheryl Jane Hoerner and Michael Lee Brakke on Feb. 14

Kathryn Joyce Roberts and Roberts Joseph Peterson on Jan. 30

Vicki Jo Lawley and Travis John Miller on Jan. 28

Toni Marie Martinez and Michael Frederick Staniforth on Feb. 1

Tanya Faye Mourich and Jason Paul Ash on Feb. 22

Michelle Lee Mantz and Joshua John Visocan on Feb. 14

Jody Lynn Mueller and Ryan Alan Schottler on Feb. 5

Kristy Renne Schaufler and Clifford James McCaulou on Feb. 16

Dawna Jean Fellenberg and Justin J. Rider on Feb. 5

Halle Mare Murray and Emmitt Michael Putman on Feb. 3

Lisa J. Barron and Gary E. Barron on Feb. 1

Ashley Bril and Andrew Patrick Johnston on Feb. 1

Marjorie Jean Hermann and Darrel Gene Hermann on Feb. 12

Ester Marie Rowlands and Stevan Charles Fiske on Feb. 20

Sahron Elaine Juarez and Adegoke Daniel Ifelere on Feb. 2

Christie Lynn Whitman and Thomas Kirk Lapham on Feb. 29

Kelly McKenna Walker and Jeremiah Henager on Feb. 6

Dacia Mae Daychild and Ashler Dean Bear Crane on Feb. 22

Wendy Lee Warren and William David McRae in Feb. 16

Lenore Ann Romo and Gordon Gene Berndt on Feb. 14

Kayci Lynn Kister and Simon Tyler Roberts on Feb. 15

Veronica Lee McClain and Michael Leo Andrews on Feb. 20

Rebecka Anne Smith and Sandra Anne Shafer on Feb. 14

Darlas Lynn Owen and Lemuel Charles Chesmore on Feb. 11

Catrina Mary Ferestad and Jamie Renee Lund on Feb. 11

Kayla Rae Bordeaux and Calvin Ray Medicine Horse on Feb. 12

Rachel Lynn Bordeaux and Robert Rides Horse Jr. on Feb. 12

Elizabeth Danielle Couch and Billy Scott Cook on Feb. 16

Anita Prabhakar and Naveen Samson on Feb. 16

Tonya Marie Benjamin and Roger Killsnight Jr. on Feb. 22

Cheryl Ann Volkmar and Norman Arthur Everett on Feb. 16

Crystallyn Michelle Cate and Christopher Bryan Perez on Feb. 16

Lindsay Ann Roberts and Bryce Preston Parks on Feb. 20

Kimberly Sue Koerber and Dustin Kurtis Hilliard on Feb. 17

Kathryn E. Fishbaugh Russell and Mark Van Waes on Feb. 20

Alicia Rene Shilling and Dallas Michael Weaver on Feb. 22

Kira Marie Angel and Aaron Frederick Lurz on Feb. 25

Carrie Lee Mullin and Kim Calvin Gray on Feb. 18

Tera Margine Lopez and Michael Leonard Wombolt on Feb. 19

Katie Erin Cooper and Damian Duke Haberstroh on Feb. 26


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