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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Shelby Lynn Sauter and Joshua David Gardipee, on June 4

Amanda Leigh Downey and Arrow Khathryn Moses, on May 18

Shayna Mae McCoy and Brian Lee Hodges, on June 7

Caitlin Ann Willson and Benjamin Chase Nation, on June 17

Rebecca Renee Stinchfield and Austin James Oblander, on June 10

Tiffany Nikole Eidson and Joseph Michael Acciani, on June 10

Sarah Lynn Pfirsch and Stephen Joseph Standish, on June 17

Mercedes Elise Jones and Sean Dale Brannon, on June 4

April Lynn Hoffman and Brandon Michael Miller, on June 24

Dena Marie Smigh and Tory Raymond Scharen, on June 10

Brittney Elizabeth Moore and Colin Zackerie Sturgill, on June 10

Kacie Jo Sanderson and Daniel Joseph Kolar, on June 10

Victoria Marie Copeland and Kevin Raymond Stenberg, on June 22

Rosaline Abby Murray and Cris Dale Dement, on May 29

Abigail Jo Canfield and David Edward Schoeppe, on June 10

Nichole Jennifer Lehnen and Jonathan James Kelly, on June 10

Meghan Marie Chapple and Eric John Majerus, on June 3

Rhyan Nikole Gerwif and Blayne Michael Broadus, on June 24

Kaisee Renee Barnett and Sean James Sage, on May 6

Alana Marie Perrin and Chase Jeffrey Sukut, on May 27

Nocona Ashley Frame and Chase Cole Robinson, on July 17

Melissa SueEllen Emery and Matthew Orin Vanderpool, on June 8

Jamie Lee Ness and Trent Alan Hartl, on June 17

Melissa Rae Eder and Rob Lewis Newton, on June 2

Ashley Anne Riesinger and Blake Arnold Nelson, on June 3

Kelsey Lynn Krumm and Shane Michael Bryson, on June 3

Jessica Lynn Bonham and Christopher Wayne Planalp, on June 16

Shyla Jo Hayden and Colton Marshall Hutchinson, on June 10

Jessica Marie Borth and Chad Stuart Lillie, on May 27

Jill Marie Swenson and Patrick John Costello, on June 24

Lauren Lynn Hultberg and Jeremy Ray Schleining, on May 27

Coutney Skye Ball and Richard James Guenther, on May 24

Taylor Jameon Merchant and Gavin Joseph Larson, on June 24

Lyndsey Marie Blohm and Josiah J. Hamilton, on May 27

Victoria Franck Wetsch and Curtis Erle Layman, on June 11

Tanya Christine Skurski and Andrew Richard Gibbs, on June 16

Crystal Dawn Komrs and Cornelius Lavon Hudson, on May 28

Holly Ann Ripley and Peter James Trowbridge, on June 2

Emily Therise Houghton and Nathan Thomas Evans, on June 10

Agnieszka Marzena Stepien and Jeffrey Lynn Stark, on June 10

Amanda Francis Felton and Darren Richard C. McCandless, on June 10

Kendra Kay Fike and David Edward Cavanaugh, on June 3

Ashley Lucille Lang and Matthew Scott Kwasney, on June 2

Danielle Erin King and Hilary Raymond Blankenship, on May 27

Christina Don Thomas and James Rhys Benson, on June 24

Sarah Ann Durler and Andrew Lee Lopez, on June 3

Autumn Renee Reagor and Jarred Skylar Myers, on June 17

Tamara Joy VanWingen and Christopher John VanWingen, on May 24

Angela Mae Haines and Jeremy Adam Fettig, on June 24

Bethany Renee Long and Matthew Daniel Linton, on May 27

Heidi Marie Breeden and Sheldon Anthony Sorensen, on June 17

Patricia Alexis Hampton and Jarrett James Lambert, on June 7

Shayna Marie Mascarena and Joshua Dean Herrera, on June 10

Chelsea Lea Rathie and Andrew Lee Sitzman, on May 28

Carrie Jean Agnew and Timothy George Troutman, on June 3

Kristi Kay Zentz and Cole Allen Nile, on June 10

Tiffany Joy LaShea Arbaugh and Sean Steele Wooten, on June 10

Nichole Elaine Colgrove and Spencer Lee Clampitt, on June 24

Starla Marie Allen and Jeffrey Douglas LaBard, on June 10

Makenzie Ann Hintt and Mark William Schlotterback, on June 6

Lizabeth Violet Marie Gorder and Jacob Daniel Schmidt, on June 2

Megan Cortney Short and Jacob James Bernhardt, on June 5

Candice Jo Zahller and William Frank Buck, on June 5

Risa Tova Lyn Hulstein and Ryan Alan Berkram, on June 9

Carrie Faitoute Rogers and Jesse Q. Gleason, on June 17

Deidre Maritza Evanoff and Travis Lee Friel, on May 13

Erica Guadalupe Storey and Dammien Nathaniel L. Orrison, on June 6

Alicia Nicole Homer and Gilberto Muniz, on June 6

Tami Lin Gallegos and James Dan Soumas Jr., on June 24

Bailey Marie Brown and Tajin Juan Perez, on June 20

Andi Marie Soennichsen and Rudy Brent Schaff, on June 23

Tiffaney Leigh Sand and Charles Joseph Page, on June 9

Tasheena Ree Hamilton and Jose Luis Peralta, on June 15

Paisley Elizabeth Gonzalez and Trent Douglas Rau, on June 17

Delayne Larae Gall and Mark Thomas Stahl, on June 16

Camtu Thi Nguyen and Christopher Daid Johnson, on June 20

Rosina Leeanne Petty and Cory James Kloepfer, on June 17

Osmar L. Torres and Timoth Zane Housel, on June 24

Brandon Colin Halls and Jennifer Anne Gullett, on June 24

Danielle R. Demontigny Korb and Francisco Giovanni

Robert Westley Bolin Jr. and Chale R. Clark, on June 23

James Van Nice and Nikole Sue Legare, on June 23

Nadia Repetti and David Lynn Reece, on June 26

Shea Claudio Rosado and Aubrey Katherine Schye, on June 26

Ryan Lee Spitzer and Jade Lynette Rees, on June 27

Rachel Lynne Zimmerman and Aaron Thomas Shea, on June 29

Andrea Marie Wells and Robert Joseph Ibarra, on June 29


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