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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Keela Gail Collins and Landon Joseph Walters on Sept. 14

Monica Ruth Lenz and Jimmie Odell on Sept. 16

Katherine Ann Morrison on Herman Jacob Rauscher on Sept. 14

Courtney Lee Campanella and Matthew Michael Burton on Sept. 21

Brenda Jo Stoy and Clifton Eldon Lowery on Sept. 13

Bethani Madelle Horsley and Justin Michael Zappe on Sept. 14

Jennifer Marie Bocci and Jeremy Michael Fortner on Sept. 13

Deszeray Dawn Johnson and Edwin Levings Grady on Sept. 18

Sandra Del Socorro Diaz Ruiz and James Gerald DuBray on Sept. 17

Adrianna Lynn Ramos and Brendon David Cavegn on Sept. 19

Wendy Sue Killham and Joshua James Sedeholm on Sept. 20

Danielle Bernice Graham and Mark James Olsen on Sept. 24

Chelsea Nicole James and Johnathan Chong Ngheim on Sept. 24

Robin Dore Garrett and Joe Harold Weeks on Sept. 26

Robin Kay Fowler and Derek Stephen Bumgardner on Oct. 8, in Silver Bow County

Jennifer Dianne Eby and Daniel Ryan Johnson on Sept. 29

Marjorie Barahona and Scott Ryan Freeman on Oct. 11

Emily Katherine Dean and Samuel Lon Nail on Oct. 14

Aimee Lee Ost and Shawn Anthony Kloeckner on Sept. 28, in Valley County

Patricia Mora Lents and Lee Edward Prinzing on Sept. 21

Ginger Lei Perkins and Patrick Allen Shorter on Sept. 21

Kayla Jean Patterson and Jason Ryan Rodriguez on Sept. 27

Jennifer Rose Evangelista and Aaron Jarand Wiese on Oct. 12

Kelsey Ann Edinger and Brandon Douglas Reiter on Oct. 5

Ashley Nicole Kent and Nicholas Robert Winkler on Sept. 28, in Gallatin County

Kristina Kaye Callahan and John Kiep Smith on Oct. 16

Theresa Marie Gay and John Jason Covington on Oct. 12

Steohanie Rose Snow and Donald William Smith on Sept. 29

Casey Marie LaFountain and Michael John Rudio on Oct. 14

Katherine Virginia Vandersloot and Lance Michael Fyfe on Sept. 28

Jenny Marie Podoll and Michael Don Paulson on Oct. 2

Linda May Mansfield and Jeremy Michael Lamontagne on Oct. 5

Jessica LeeAnn Falland and Travis Wade Stiles on Sept. 28

Janet Christine Cabrera and Steven Michael Scott on Sept. 1

Jennifer Blair Stone and Tristyn James Shaw on Sept. 28

Sara Renee Metcalf and Jeremiah David Deveraux on Oct. 19, in Madison County

Teona Marie McDonald and Mikel Christopher Crew on Oct. 13

Rhonda Ann Heidner and Larry Donovan Hanson on Sept. 28

Kime Rene'e McKittrick and Shawn Michael Sanchez on Oct. 12

Andrea Christy Dawn Curnutt and Spenser Kane Fox on Oct. 12

Ashley Darian Wagenman and Patrick Adam Stief on Oct. 5, in Carbon County

Rachelle Elaine Prevost and Steven Edward Mohr on Sept. 28

Anita Frances Meierstein and Douglas Joseph Kudrna on Oct. 5, in Carbon County

Heather Jeanette Christian and Cory James Lustig on Sept. 21

Kristene Anne Bogle and Thor David Sand on Sept. 28

Sierra Ashley-Nicole Abromeit and Aaron Lloyd Williams on Sept. 14

Anne Elise Plowman and Murray Wayne Jarshaw on Oct. 19, in Carbon County

Allison Anne Tripp and Jonathan Craig Wyatt on Sept. 21

Audrey Rose Hagert and Joseph Patrick Cook on Oct. 12

Elizabeth Anne Decker and Arthur William Terrel on Oct. 12

Sarah Michelle McDonald and Devon Anthony Casper on Oct. 4

Kalli Marie Stanhope and Jeffrey Michael Allen on Sept. 28

Brianna Jean Spillan and Cory Richard Keltner on Oct. 5

Tylene Lee Moore and Timothy James Huggins on Oct. 4

Angela Marie Rohr and Tanner Wayne Everson on Oct. 12

Annette Patricia Steiger and William Leslie Renard Cruz on Sept. 26

Tassee Lanette Hungerford and Craig Ryan Schilling on Sept. 28, in Deer Lodge County

Natasha Michele Mack and Steven James Castle on Sept. 27

Rebecca Brooke Visser and Michael David Klang on Sept. 28

Brittani Marie Bowman and Tyler James Soennichsen on Oct. 11

Ashley Nicole Adkins and Stephen Andrew Jones on Oct. 12

Dawn Briana O'Donnell and Michael James Steinhauser on Oct. 14

Angela Suzanne Allen and Deacon Lee Scarber on Oct. 11

Joanie Yvonne Fox and Teton Aldin Magpie on Oct. 1

Chelsea Leanne Jordan and Matthew Ray Criswell on Oct. 16

Erin Elizabeth Hoffman and Justin Jeremy Saxer on Oct. 12

Jade Ashley Freiboth and Justin Christian Jagers on Oct. 1

Tynagh Bryccine Hoffman and Jeremy Daniel Toepp on Oct. 5, in Stillwater County

Abigail Sue Reno and Ryan Carl Nordlund on Oct. 5, in Park County

Alyssa Rae Kocher and Jacob Ross Pierce on Oct. 5

Harriet Ann Solie and David Bernard Clayton on Oct. 12

Susan Esther Weinreis and John Joseph Enright on Oct. 19, in Park County

Gaye E. Kopczynski and Donald Keith McNeil on Oct. 8

Nikole Marie Ross and Richard Shawn Schiedel on Oct. 9

Lindsay Rae Peterson and Brent James  Bell on Oct. 12, in Park County

Brittany Mccall Eberle and Trenton Paul Thelen on Oct. 11

Kimberly Lynn Buehring and Christopher Robert Stamp on Oct. 15

Megen Kyle Blevins and David Michael Weber on Oct. 26

Autumn Marie Lefler and Gabriel Joseph Peters on Oct. 19

Angela Jene Menholt and Richard Xavior Renik on Oct. 19

Jordan Lea French and Jeremy Ernest Ulery on Oct. 18

Lori Lynn Ramirez and John Milton Damm on Oct. 18

Rosita Tipones Furigay and Kenneth Edward O'Donnell on Oct. 26

Tomi Margo Woodenlegs and Clinton Melvin Stewart, Jr., on Oct. 23

Marni Clair Higdon-Tooley and James Gray Edmiston, III, on Oct. 24

Meghan Leigh Harper and Chance Ryan Hall on Oct. 24


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