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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Ashlee Nicole Rangitsch and Christopher Grant Walker on Dec. 19

Rebecca Lee Schott and John Paul Mueller on Nov. 29

Megan Dianne Lehman and Zachary Dean Reichert on Oct. 9

Elizabeth Mary McNamer and Guy Charles Glenn on Dec. 12

Elizabeth Ashlie Talcott and Brian Curtis Beldin on Dec. 2

Keely Hope Campbell and Joseph Matthew Marsik on Dec. 5

Radean Lee Vassar and Ryan Patrick Boden on Dec. 12, in Flathead County

Tonya Jennifer Carolyn Fritz and Glenn Earl French on Nov. 27

Margaret Edith Schmittou and Ronald Garth Huebert on Dec. 12, in Teton County

Alisha Marie Holland and Robert Uel Johnston on Oct. 31

Jeffery Craig Post and Lowell John Paulson on Nov. 29

Elise Marie Harbert and Jordan Potter Steven on Dec. 11

Brooke Kathryn Robinson and Eric Daniel Osgood on Nov. 21

Hope Elizabeth May and Devan Kelly Blake on Dec. 19

Nicole Rae Edwards and Brain David Leonhardt on Dec. 5

Jeanne Marie Bloedel and Jason Thomas Sironen on Dec. 5

Angela Marie Napier and Huntley Blaise Hennessy Jr. on Dec. 7

Stacey Lee Just and Joseph Zachary Scherry on Dec. 12

Adrienne Anne Pierce and Barry Allan Johnston on Dec. 12

Danielle Renae Lester and Thomas Theron Paxinos on Dec. 12

Madison Nicole Southworth and Ryann Ora Jones on Nov. 30

Kayla Tenley Krank and Johnathon S Cooper on Nov. 30

Stephanie Jo Maurer and Jorge Castiblanco Calderon on Dec. 4

Joli Olivia Higbee and Michael David Mathis on Dec. 18

Kendra Sharee Woodenlegs and William Eugene Kenney on Dec. 10

Terra Elizabeth Stiller and Andrew Sterling Eaton on Dec. 4

Sylvia Colunga-Keele and George Ridea At The Doore on Dec. 4

Jenna Inez Mantei and Charles Edwidge Bondurant on Dec. 11

Shelby Raelee Scullen and Thomas James Hoppe on Dec. 4

Anthony Ray Stark and Michael Wayne Gramley on Dec. 14

Jeanne Ellen Gullett and Holly Ann Basting on Dec. 7

Laura Ann Hopkins and David Michael Carroll on Dec. 19

Diana Luisa Murray and Johnathan Lee Millhollin on Dec. 11

Younghui Moore and Samuel Clark Johnson on Dec. 15

Roseofsharon Nomee and Devaunquez Brumfield on Dec. 10

Daysi Maria Bellota and Matthew Onstad on Dec. 19

Patsy Sue McLean and Henry Banner Stokke on Dec. 11

Lana Marie Feldman and Jamie Lee Koch on Dec. 11

Josefa Beverly Harmon and Michael Nathias Wolf on Dec. 19

Kayla Suzanne Homewood and Cole Robert Maki on Dec. 14

Jandalen Ruth Penwell and Ryan Charles Howell on Dec. 14

Naomi Rose Winters and Adam Charles Husk on Dec. 15

Anna Kristine Olsen and Bert Edward Lane on Dec. 17

Denise Anne Harmel and Kipp Aaron Harmel on Dec. 18

Tiffany Lee Wildman and Richard John Slayton on Dec. 18

Lenette Marie Kosovich and John Keith Edgerton on Dec. 21

Jessalyn Victoria Himiob and Ian Daniel Dalbey on Dec. 18

Caitlin Marie Moriarty and Kevin Vincent Sullivan on Dec. 30


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