Edward Posey Whiteman Jr., affectionately known as Junior or “Poison,” left for the other side camp on Nov. 10, 2018. His Indian name, lishuush shiile iiwaaaa ichliash’, Has Good Fortune with Yellow Eagle Plume, was given to him by Joseph Ten Bear. He was a member of the Whistling Water Clan and a child of the Ties The Bundle Clan. Junior was born on October 13, 1946, to Edward P. Whiteman Sr. and Josephine DeCrane-Whiteman. He had 75 first cousins altogether on his DeCrane-Goes Ahead side which he was always proud of. Our beloved dad, uncle, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend will be dearly missed.

He strongly believed in the Crow way of life, thus respected the Clan System, Sweat Lodge and Sundance. He completed his four fasts in the Sundance and loved singing during the Sundance thereafter. He was always there to support family members who were dancing. He said this “punched his ticket to heaven.” Junior was also a devout Catholic and member of the St. Charles Mission Parish. He was an altar boy and graduated from the St. Charles Mission in 1962. He graduated from Edgar High School in 1966. He attended Browning High School in Browning during his freshman year while his older sister Geneva was teaching there. After high school, he briefly attended Powell Junior College and transferred to Haskell Indian Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas, and graduated with an associates degree in drafting. Later, receiving his apprenticeship to be a bricklayer from Kansas City Bricklayers Union.

Junior was a natural athlete and played basketball, track, and football while in high school. He ran in the one-mile race and placed first or second alternately with his brother, the late Chester Turns Plenty. He supported local Native American teams, especially the Plenty Coup Warriors up until his death. In 1996 he was given the “Best Fan” award.

He was raised in the Crow traditional way of life and was an accomplished arrow thrower. He was a lifelong participant in hand games and loved playing for the Arrow Creek (Pryor) District and looked forward to it every year with his family. He led the Pryor district to championship back to back in 1983 and 1984, and two more championships in 1992 and 1996. He received “The Best Guesser” award all four-years and still holds the record.

His latest passion was horse racing and Indian relay. He had an Indian Relay team with his grandson Ian; their team names were Wild Horse Ridge and Bull That Shows. He won the Princess Stakes in 2016 with Country Boys Roll during Crow Fair. He played softball for many years and had a team with his children, nieces, nephews and cousins. He retired after his goal of playing with his grandson Ian. Although he was older than most of the players, he was one of the fastest runners. They won gold at the Big Sky State Games in 1997 for the men’s division.

Junior worked as a brick layer most of his life and drove the Pryor High School bus and worked as a janitor. He worked for the Crow Tribe as the director of the Natural Resources Department and adviser for the 107 committee and served as an adviser of the minerals committee. He served on the Little Big Horn College Board of Trustees, Pryor School Board and the Crow Land Resource Committee. He was the Arrow Creek District leader for cultural activities.

He married the love of his life, Carol Bends Whiteman, on November 26, 1969, on Carol’s birthday. From this union they had Chan, Quindy, Posey Whiteman III, Claura and Keri. After Carol’s passing, the Bends Family adopted Junior as their brother.

Junior was kind-hearted and a humble man. He was a devoted father and loved his children and grandchildren and was always there for them. He never missed any of their games in cross country, basketball, football or hand games. He was on his way to watch his granddaughter, Coral Old Bull, play basketball on his last day in this world. Nothing made him happier than watching his grandchildren play sports.

He especially loved children. He always took in his nieces and nephews and helped raise a number of them. All of the Whiteman family depended on him. All babies gravitated towards him no matter where he was. As the patriarch of the Whiteman family of Pryor, he was fair-minded and never took sides, as he loved all of them.

Junior was preceded in death by his father Edward Posey Sr. and mother Josephine Whiteman, his wife Carol, his brother Norman Whiteman, Grant “Buck Shot” Stewart, Tommy Boy DeCrane, Chester Turns Plenty, Duane Costa Sr., Orie Plain Bull, Gordon Plain Bull, Carl Venne, his sister Velma “Cookie” Bell Rock, his uncle Harry “Bozo” Whiteman Jr., nephew Dione Bell Rock, adopted daughter Tana Shane and adopted brother Myron Little Light Sr. He is survived by his sons Channis (Dr. Gerlinda), Edward "Posey" III and Ian (Kayleigh) White, adopted son John “Push” Whiteman; his daughters, Quindy (Everett), Claura, Keri. Adopted Daughters Mary Wall, Alma Rose Wall, Belle Laverdure, Seja Plain Bull and numerous others. His grandchildren; Charine (Ashton) Old Elk, Chantel, Chandra Whiteman, Coral Old Bull, Quade Tallwhiteman and Kevion Ladson. Great-grandchildren; CaMeila Old Elk, Caelyn and Cayton White. His Brothers Channis (Norma) Whiteman, Calvin “Uugaash’ee Butch” Herrera Sr., Keith Reece, Eugene Red Star, Robert Fitch, Phillip Whiteman, Calvin Brush, Vernon Turns Plenty, and Burton Pretty On Top Sr., adopted brother George Little Wolf Jr.; sisters Geneva Whiteman, Jolene Kills Pretty Enemy, Valeen Plain Feather, Carol Good Luck, Victoria Stewart, Connie DeCrane, Anna DeCrane, Josephine Wall, Patricia Laverdure, Dora Hugs, Nancy Sleeper, Alberta Wall, Carla Whiteman, Nelly Whiteman and Caroline Whiteman; adopted sister Charlene Laverdure, Louise Farewell and Aunt Agnes (Larry) Pretty Weasel; special friends Eymard Left Hand, Corn Little Light, Willie Stewart, Willie Stewart, Gary Reed, Vernon Whiteman, Coolidge Jefferson, Benito Brown, John Adams, Bernard “Buzzy” Covers Up, Phillip “Sonny” Beaumont Jr. and Larry Duane Old Elk. His extended family include DeCrane, Turns Plenty, Goes Ahead, Thomas, Falls Down, Bear Cloud, Crooked Arm, Williamson, Yarlott, Wall, Morrison, Hugs, Round Face, Singer, Black Hawk, Bear Ground, Takes Horse, Wilson, Plain Feather, Old Horn, the family of Frank “Pollick” Plain Bull and Bullchief.

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