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ONON E' E (Ree Women)

July 29, 1929

November 4, 2008

Me ho' has called our mother, grandmother, great-grand mother, sister and aunt, and a friend to many, to that great camp on the other side, where our ancestors and relatives dwell. Flossie was a ceremonial person and assisted her sons in completing their sun dance, fasting and piercing vows, Flossie also took women into Sundance lodge, also took women out into the hills to fast in completing with their prayers. Flossie also knew the different plants, herbs and teas for traditional healing purposes. Flossie also enjoyed her grandchildren, sports activities that her grandchildren were involved in, most of all Mom prayed for the wellness and good health of her children, family and all of the Cheyenne and Suhate'o people. She especially prayed for people that were in the hospital, Military Services and prisons and all to return home safely.

The ones that departed before her, parents: Mack and Nellie (Bearchum) Rockroads; her brothers: Thomas Rockroads Sr., Ben Bearchum, Robert Bearchum Sr., Her adopted daughters: Lillian Threefingers, Newta Manly, Grandaughter: Johnalene Medicinetop.

Surviving children, daughters: Mina Rockroads, Patsy Maupi, Nellie (Steve) Whiteshield, Bernadetter Redcherries, Imogene Rockroads, Melody Rockroads (Holdsapple); adopted daughter: Maria (Hank) Bigfire; sons: Abraham Spotted Elk II, Abram Spottedelk, Bernard Redcherries Jr., Tim (Gail) Lamewomen, Newta Americanhorse; surviving brothers: Vann (Anna) Ryan Sr., Ray Brady, sister: Velma Tallwhiteman.

Surviving nieces: Dolly Rockroads, Dolly (Max) Hiwalker, Barbara Spang, Phoebe Spottedelk, Mary Ann Bearcomesout, Phyllis (Lavando) Fisher, Evelyn Flying, Leona Limberhand, La Vina Blackwolf, Elva Timber; nephews: Thomas Rockroads Jr., Lars Rockroads, Charlie, Michael, Peter Bearcomesout, Emmitte Timber, Mable (Roger) Killsnight, Frank (Rita) Longjaw.

Surviving grandchildren: Artha Lyn Rockroads, Phylisa Bien, Sharon Rockroads, Johnny Medicinetop, Sheldon (Margene) Whiteshield, Steve Whiteshield, Drew (Kaycee) Whiteshield, Zachary Whiteshield, Lori (Merin) Whiteshield, Jeff Whiteshield, Chanca Spottedelk, Jonathan Medicineelk, Judith (Eugene) Littlecoyote, Gaylon Lamewomen, Tim Lamewomen Jr., Sugar Lamewomen, Michael Spottedwolf, Terry Spottedwolf Jr., Brook Bellrock, Loreen Bellrock, Lori Redcherries, Bernard Redcherries II, Cody Rockroads.

We would like to give special thanks to the home Care Regional, St. Vincent's Staff, Velma Tallwhiteman, Lori Whiteshield worked for her grandmother for six years, Zachary Whiteshield, and a special thank you to Ann Goodluck. All persons mentioned were by our mother's side when our mother became ill.

Mom, it is now time for you to rest. All of your life you took care of us, and raised us and we love you and we miss you.

"Granddaughter," Johnalene, wait for me and we will walk to the "Camp" together, and join our relatives and ancestors.

Flossie had special friends Mae Whitedirt and Rose Eaglefeathers, Flossie had 50 grandchildren and 56 great-grandchildren, if we have missed anyone we apologize Flossie had a very large family.

Wake service will be at the Lame Deer Catholic Church at 7 p.m. to 12 am, the wake will continue at Nellie (Steve) Whiteshield residence, services will be at the Lame Deer Catholic church at 10 a.m. and Burial will be at White River Cemetery in Busby.

Bullis Mortuary of Hardin has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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