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Patricia Johnson was a woman of endless stoicism. Born in Chicago, she lost her father when she was 14, and her mother shortly after. Despite this dreadful loss and countless other hardships, she faced life with unmatched strength of will and character.

Her family moved westward to Cut Bank, where the Antons placed their flag. As she came of age, her passion for helping people, inspired by her grandmother's teachings, led her into a lifelong career in medicine. She went on to become an RN, the sole college graduate among seven siblings, and would work at and manage several nursing homes where she could comfort those in their final years.

Her only daughter, Mary, gave her two grandsons at a young age. Patricia helped raise them, serving as a rock on which all three could depend. Even as her daughter became unable to work due to illness and her own condition forced her into early retirement, Patricia took care of her daughter and grandsons. She served as a caretaker in all parts of her life, whether asked to or not, and her fine cooking made even the worst day end on a delicious note.

As Patricia's lifelong illness reared its head for the last time, she stared bravely forward. Surrounded by family, she reminisced on her many visits to Montana's beautiful scenic locations. Even at the end she thought not of herself but only of the family she supported for so long, worried about their future without her. Few people on this great and wide world have been so selfless.

She is survived by her remaining brother and sister, her many nephews and nieces, and her daughter and two grandsons, who will never forget everything she did for them. Her courage and dauntless nature will inspire them for decades to come.

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