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LAME DEER — Titus Alfrey Shoulderblade Sr., “Hestatseo’o” (Shoulderblade) aka “Hollywood,” was born in Crow Agency, Feb. 10, 1959, to James and Julia Shoulderblade who preceded him in death. Maheo called him home after a long illness on Sept. 1, 2012.

He survived by his children, Billie Jo, Julia Mae, Christopher, Robert, Julius, Titus Jr., Anthony, Isaac, Jordan, Scott and Isabelle. Daughter Jessica preceded him in death. He leaves his grandchildren, Michael Jr., Azariah, Amaya, Kiana, Mikaeya, Isiah, Josiah, Isaac, Kendra, Natani, Kyal, Simon, Tabytha, Tyson, Jainaiah, Jennifer, Jalissa, Jadyn, and Jakobe.

Schools attended were Lame Deer Public; Southwestern Indian School, Peoria, Ariz.; and Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Albuquerque, N.M. He and his family made their first home with the Yakama Nation. He traveled throughout the West, always coming back home to Lame Deer, then returning to Toppenish, Wash. where he spent the past months enjoying his grandchildren. He was proud of his children and wanted the best for them. He had a great sense of humor and was always teasing. He earned his nickname from his movie part in “Powwow Highway.” Many stories are told with good laughs you can’t find on the comedy circuit. Titus worked many, many jobs. When he was roughing it, he found time thinking of his life and how God’s love helped him in his struggles. He was grateful to those along the path that gave him help and encouragement. It reminded him of how blessed he was to know Maheo and the saving grace of Jesus. We are comforted knowing he is at peace and truly free, waiting for us to join him.

Surviving aunts/uncles, Fern Shoulderblade, Ralph/Marcia Redfox, Josephine Whiteman, Edna Seminole, Nancy Yellowrobe; brothers and sisters, Norman/Clarice Spang, Leonard/Violet Wolfblack, Phyliss Fisher Spang, John/Judy Woodenlegs, Alonzo Walker, Magoo Shoulderblade, and Max Delphino Guavera. Also remaining are Alan, Leah/Robert, Robert, Rita, Barbara, Ike, Robert, Donald/Ruth, Wilma, Francis, Mary, Marcelline/Charles, Raymond, Shirley Ann, Calvin/Marie, Annette, Esther, Irene, Serena, and Larry.

Preceding in death are Wallace Bearchum Sr., Gloria Big Back, Beatrice Bryant, Richard M. Fisher, Gwendolyn, Timothy Sr., Wendell Jr., Vincent, Windelyn, Wendeline, Kathryn Shoulderblade.

He leaves his nieces and nephews, Carmen, Dedoris, Anita, Cheryl Ann, and Wallace Jr./Tammy, Charles, Yvonne, Clifford, Henry, James, Leonard R. Jr., James, Lynwood, Clara, Windy, Leonard W. Jr., Eugene Jr., Oran Charles, Benno/Lori, Ora Louise/Darrell, Eugenia/Kenneth, Bruce/Linda, Andrea Michelle, Cassandra/Stanley, Waldo Jr., Marie/Rod, Neil/Andrea, Shanon, Frank, Adrian, Shawn, Paul/Tamara, Jackie, Johnna, Darlene, Jovan, Jennifer, Shawna, Josette, Keith, Jerry, Katilyn, Arethea, Contessa, Benedict, Vanessa, Windelyn Jr., Timothy II, Renessa, Michael, Dalene, and Quinndalyn/Michael. Also remaining are Janell/Brian Jones, Eric/Brenda, Ivey/Barb, Pascal, Clayton, Clifford Jr., Jonathan, Merlin, Eugene/Marci, Maria, Anthony, and Ben. Preceding in death are Leonard Redneck Jr., Harry Big Back; Sharon Bearchum I, Timothy Jr., Malisa and Richard Wolfblack, Terri Woodenlegs, James II, Tulane, Vincynthia Shoulderblade.

Please accept our apologies; our family is so large and we do not mean to leave anyone out. Adams, Akins, Anderson, Archambeau, Badhorse, Bailey, Baker, Bearchum, Beard, Bearcomesout, Bearquiver, Beartusk, Bellymule, Bement, Bigback, Bigfoot, Big Hawk, Big Head, Bixby, Blackhorse, Brady, Brey, Cano, Charette, Charley, Chavez, Cummins, Curley, DeCory, DuHart, Eagle, Eddins, Fackrell, Fighting Bear, Firecrow, Fisher, Flying Foote, Freeman, Galey, Genovese, Glenmore, Goodbear, Guavera, Harris, Hart, Haugen, Headswift, Hiwalker, Hoffman, Hoops, Horn, Huber, Issues, Keovani, Killsnight, Klotz Spang, Knowshisgun, Limberhand, Limpy, Littlebear, Littlebird, Littleman, Littleoldman, Lonebear, Looksbehind, Lovato, Marion, Martinez, Martinez Jones, McMakin, McManus, Medicine Elk, Messer, Miller, Moore, Nason, Onebear, Ortega, Plentychief, Poitra, Posey, Price, Redcherries, Redhat, Redneck, Redwoman, Risingsun, Roper, Rowland, Russell, Runsabove, Sanchez, Sandcrane, Seminole, Small, Smart, Soldierwolf, Spang, Spruce, Strangeowl, Tallbear, Tallwhiteman, Three Fingers, Teeth, Tom, Two Moons, Two Two, Vassau, Walker, Walks, Walksalong, Whitehawk, Whiteman, White, Whitewolf, Williamson, Wilson, Wolfblack, Woodenlegs, Wounded Eye, Yellowrobe.

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