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Brushes with fame: Dr. Ruth
Dr. Ruth

Words of advice from Dr. Ruth

I have been fortunate enough in my life to meet numerous famous, some infamous, people.

However, two years ago, on a cruise, one of the lecturers was the famous, very famous, Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Her talks were wildly funny and the audience even funnier, consisting largely of very elderly gentlemen.

Later, I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Ruth waiting for an elevator, and we had a delightful chat. Though I knew she was very short, I was amazed to find she is under five feet tall, probably nearer four!

We chatted like old friends until the elevator came and parted laughing.

Just why she gave me these parting words, I will never know, but they were, "Remember, fantasies are OK."

She was a real treat and one of the best memories of the cruise. I met numerous other famous people, an astronaut, several authors, a South American diplomat, but Dr. Ruth was the most memorable.

- Dorothe Fisher