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Who's the TV star now?

Technically, I can't remember ever actually meeting anyone famous, except for Lance Alworth at a telethon where I was one of the backstage phone workers when I was in college.

I still have that picture.

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tenn., and, when Johnny Cash had his television shows in 1969-70, I was almost always in the audience because my roommate was able to have tickets. Taping, as I remember, was during the week, and it was fun to watch the making of a television show.

As audience members, we could never tell who the cameraman was looking at, and, besides, we didn't care because we wanted to watch the show and look at whatever "stars" were on that week.

As it happened, when the shows aired, the cameraman was catching me often enough that people were always asking if I was dating him.

I would catch glimpses of myself when the shows were televised, but one time I was "on" for more than a second or two. During the taping, I was laughing so hard and enjoying the comedian so much that the entire time he was performing, the cameraman went from him to me several times.

I didn't see that part of the show when televised, though, because I had to keep getting up to answer the phone (in a different room). Everyone I knew was calling to tell me to "turn on the TV - you're on the Johnny Cash show."

- Kay Cahill


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