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Helping on the road to fame

My husband and I were in the parking lot of the Glendive Kmart.

This van with the faces of all these men painted on it and the name The Black Eyed Peas pulled up next to us.

When Harl, my husband, came back out to the car, we noticed that they seemed to be having trouble with their van. My husband is very mechanical so he offered his help.

It seemed that they had hit a deer a ways back, and it had taken the headlight out of their van. They had stopped in Glendive to replace it but didn't have the time to take it to a shop to have it done.

So Harl fixed it for them. They thanked him and continued their journey.

Several years later, I saw those same guys on an album cover of some local kids. With the name The Black Eyed Peas written on it.

Of all the places you would never expect to meet an up-and-coming band like that, I would say that Glendive in the Kmart parking lot has to be one of the oddest.

I am still not sure where they were headed. They seemed awful glad to have met up with a farm boy that could wire them back together enough to get them back on the road.

-Janice Oland

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