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Crosses represent abortions

Plastic crosses representing abortions are displayed on the lawn at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Billings on Thursday.

Anyone who passes by Christ the King Lutheran Church in Billings these days will see crosses planted in the lawn.

The church, at 759 Newman Lane, is displaying Lutherans for Life crosses and a banner, to bring attention to the number of abortions performed daily in the United States. They will be on display for the next three to four weeks.

Although it is difficult to count the exact number of abortions done each year, the Rev. Ryan Wendt, pastor of the South Side church said it is known that more than 3,200 take place in the United States every day.

For some perspective, he said, approximately 1,500 Americans die each day from cancer, 110 Americans die daily in auto accidents, and about 45 Americans are murdered each day.

“Abortion may seem like the only choice, or like the best choice, certainly the easiest and quickest fix for an unwanted pregnancy, but it is by no means the only choice,” Wendt said. “It is certainly not the best choice for the child, neither is it healthy for the mother.”

The choice carries with it “a lifetime of questions and regret, and it is sin,” he said. “It is contrary to God’s word.”

For women who have had an abortion and for men who have not taken responsibility for the life they helped conceive, there can be peace in forgiveness that comes from Jesus Christ, Wendt said.

“The message of the crosses in our lawn is that Christ died for all sins, and his cross and forgiveness are for you,” he said.

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