By now, nearly everyone has heard that the roadmap to good health includes physical activity. Since the mind and body are connected, moving your body keeps your mind active and promotes well-being. Individuals must take a proactive approach to improving their health.

The Live Well Center at RiverStone Health Clinic was designed to help our patients take charge of their own health and wellness. No matter what shape you’re in, the Live Well Center can help you move more as you go about your daily life, change old habits and reach new goals. The space, located between our clinic and pharmacy, includes basic cardio equipment, a meditation area and equipment to improve functional fitness. No fancy gym clothes are needed, just a can-do attitude.

As the center’s certified health coach, I teach patients ways they can gain strength and improve their overall fitness at home, without any fancy equipment. To start, I meet with patients one-on-one to help them map out attainable goals. You start where you are, and use what you have to do what you can. Everyone works at their own pace during individual or small group sessions. The Live Well Center is a place for people of all shapes and sizes.

As part of our preventative approach to care, our goal to show patients how to take better care of their own health, develop healthier habits by becoming active in exercise and knowledgeable in nutrition, and to understand the importance of self-care.

As Wellness Educator Joyce Sunada has said, “If we don’t make time for our own wellness, we will be forced to make time for our illness”

The Live Well Center, which was made possible through grant funding, also offers our patients access to a registered dietitian and diabetes educator to guide them as they make improvements in their lives. By teaching patients physical activities they can do on their own -- in their home or outdoors -- they can become a driving force in their own self-care.

The Center, which is open only to RiverStone Health Clinic patients, offers:

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• Physical activity classes geared to your ability

• Special women-only groups and recovery groups

• Safe ways to practice yoga, stretching, cardio and strength activities

• Support for pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension and other health issues

• Ways to make activity part of your daily life.

Through this well-rounded approach to care, patients can learn the skills necessary to improve their health and well-being.

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Ryan Braley, an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, can be reached at 247-3249 or ryan.bra@riverstonehealth.org.