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At the close of its 11th year, Shape Up Montana had 540 teams comprised of 3,979 members.

A program of the Big Sky State Games, Shape Up Montana promotes healthful eating and a physically active lifestyle in a team format.

Teams competed in two categories: weight loss and accumulated activity.

The three-month program, from Feb. 1 to May 1, featured teams of four to 10 people working together to either lose the highest percentage of weight or accumulate the most miles. Mileage was converted from daily activities, like yard work, or housework and aerobic activity, such as swimming or walking.

There were 374 activity teams (divided into beginner, intermediate, experienced, professional and family divisions) and 168 weight loss teams.

At the final reporting and weighing on May 1, the weight-loss teams had shed 3,680 pounds, an average of 2.01 percent body weight lost per person, while the activity groups accumulated 639,673.12 miles, the equivalent of going around the world 25.7 times and traveling to the moon 2.68 times.

Weight loss results: In the weight loss division, Blubber Busters of Fromberg claimed the top prize, with the five members losing 7.8 percent of their weight. Team Extreme of Billings finished second, with the seven members losing 6.57 percent of their weight. The Lunatics of Laurel were third, with the four members losing 5.68 percent of their weight.

Family activity results: The Heartthrobs of Billings were the overall winners in the family activity division with an average of 664.05 miles for each of the six members. WinBuyMor out of Great Falls came in second, racking up an average of 584.13 miles for each of the eight members. Team Chief Mountain Family from Bozeman rounded out the top three with an average of 568.41 miles for each of the six team members.

Beginner activity results: Team Body by Vi Montana of Billings was the overall winner in the beginners activity division, racking up an average of 939.66 miles for each of the four team members. STeam Spirit from Billings averaged 660.54 miles for each of the nine members. The RSH Angels Nine of Billings rounded out the top three in the division with an average of 592.46 miles for each of the nine team members.

Intermediate activity results: The Joanns of Billings took the top spot in the intermediate activity category, averaging a total of 801.35 miles for each of the nine team members. Coming in second was Sun Walkers No. 2 of Missoula averaging 693.07 miles, and Team Off & Often of Columbus claimed third with each person averaging 693 miles.

Experienced activity results: The four-person team Mile Markers from Fairview were the overall winners in the experienced division with an average of 1,384.25 miles per person. Cecil and his Wild Wahines of Billings claimed second place, averaging 1,059.56 miles per person. Sidney Healthworks was third with an average of 637.47 miles per team member.

Professional activity division: The Ortho 8 Bad A@@s of Billings dominated the pro activity division, with an average of 972.29 miles for each of their eight members. The Daphne Dynamos of Billings took second place with an average of 547.84 miles for each of their seven members. Completing the top three was Sun Up Fitness Challengers of Deer Lodge who averaged 475.48 miles.

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