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One Thanksgiving, we had weather of 22 below zero.

Our son, who was then 15, had gotten a new German shorthair pup, so he got his shotgun and dog and went down to the Shoshone River duck hunting.

The new pup fell through a hole in the ice.

The dumb kid lay down his gun and jumped in after the dog.

They did come up, a ways down the river, and made their way up the hill to a neighbor's house. They called up, and my husband went and got a very frozen kid and dog.

After a hot bath and dry clothes, Dan and his dog went back to the river to find the shotgun. It was right where he had left it.

Before we ate our Thanks-giving dinner, I told Dan to ask the blessing and not to forget to thank God for saving him and us from a terrible tragedy.

He said, "Mom, I already did."

- Virginia Cooley

Powell, Wyo.

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