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If you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit in 2018, these 5 pieces of essential home gym equipment can help you meet your goal. You don’t need a massive home gym or a big budget to be a healthier, stronger you.

1) Bosu Ball

Bosu balls are more compact than normal exercise balls thanks to a flat base, but they also assist with plyometric exercises. The ball forces you to balance during traditional exercises like pushups, yoga poses, and squats, which ups the challenge and increases strength and flexibility.

2) Suspension Training Band

If you’re looking for a lightweight piece of equipment that can be used for hundreds of strength training exercises, you won’t find a more versatile option than the TRX suspension training band. The suspension trainer utilizes your own body weight, and can be used by people of all fitness levels.

3) Kettlebells

Kettlebells will add a kick to any home workout. Try single or double arm swings to build back and shoulder strength, or add a kettlebell to your squat reps. Their compact size makes them perfect for tiny home gyms.

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4) Jump Rope

One of your favorite childhood activities provides a workout favored by serious athletes, like boxers and mixed martial arts fighters. Who says calorie burning cardio can’t be fun? Just add a jump rope to your home gym.

5) Mini-Trampoline

mini-trampoline may be just the home gym equipment you need to keep workouts fresh and meet your resolution. Try blasting your favorite music, or jump away while you watch your favorite series for a low-impact cardio workout.

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