Steam Diverter


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Your Instant Pot might have completely changed your dinner and meal prep game, but if you’re not careful it could also change the shape of your cabinets. If you store and use your Instant Pot under your upper cabinets, the steam could cause water damage and warping over time. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix—this Goldlion steam diverter.

How It Works

This silicone Instant Pot steam diverter is easy to use. Before cooking, simply fit the accessory to your appliance’s steam release valve. The diverter fits Instant Pot Duo and Duo Plus models (but not Lux or Ultra). Then, turn the valve into the seal position and start cooking. When your Instant Pot is done cooking, twist the valve to vent steam down and away from your cabinets.

Easy to Clean

The silicone steam diverter is as easy to clean as it is to use. Just rinse it under clean water with liquid dish soap or put it in the dishwasher on your next load. The diverter is made from food grade silicone, so you know your food is safe.

Why Customers Love It

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Customers with limited kitchen space loved this simple solution to the dilemma of where to put their Instant Pot without ruining cabinets. Customers also liked that the vent function released steam slowly, so they weren’t left with as much water to clean up as without the gadget.

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