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Strapped for decorating cash? Don’t fret. Your home can be both alluring and affordable. Leroy suggests gathering together the following inexpensive ingredients to decorate your home, encompassing the senses of sight, smell, touch and sound.

“Don’t hesitate to shop at the thrift stores and food markets for your supplies,” she said. “They can be a treasure trove of resources for a down-to-earth Christmas experience.”

• colored construction paper for tree chain garlands

• fragrant pine cones

• popcorn and dried cranberries for tree garlands

• apple juice and cinnamon for simmering in a stainless steel kitchen pot or heated potpourri bowl

• lots of candles in glass jars

• evergreen branches

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• white paper for snowflake cutouts

• faux green garlands with mini white lights intertwined to drape all over your home

• inexpensive snap shot cameras