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Ceramic Tree


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Remember the colorful painted ceramic Christmas tree that always adorned your grandma’s table during the holidays? That kitschy-cute Christmas decoration can be the spotlight of your centerpiece this year with this affordable reproduction from Best Choice Products.

The Most Nostalgic Time of the Year

Ceramic Christmas trees like the one your grandma loved came into popularity in the late 60s and early 70s with the rise of the ceramics craft trend. The original vintage items were often handmade and painted in a variety of colors—but when ceramic mold companies caught on to the trend, they started producing their own versions of the tiny tabletop trees with small electric bulbs.

Vintage ceramic Christmas trees have become a collector item, but a reproduction is a great way to add the same nostalgic feel to your Christmas party without breaking the bank.

Hand-Painted and Brightly Lit

This ceramic Christmas tree reproduction from Best Choice Products has a hand-painted finish and is adorned with 50 festive, multicolored bulbs that are lit by a built-in 5-foot power cord. With an 8.5-inch diameter and 15-inch height, it’s perfect for dinner table centerpieces, offices, or fireplace mantels.

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Why Customers Love It

Customers loved that this tiny ceramic Christmas tree brought back big Christmas memories at grandma’s house. The high-quality tree was carefully backed and shipped and arrived in great condition. One customer was excited to carry on one of her fondly remembered holiday decorating traditions with her children.

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