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If you’ve ever tackled a massive clog in your kitchen or shower drain with a commercial drain cleaner, you know just how noxious the fumes from chemical clog removers can smell—and they aren’t always safe for old pipes either. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative, try this natural drain cleaner and odor eliminator from Bioda.

Safer Ingredients

Bioda’s drain cleaning solution is safer than many commercial drain cleaners—both for you and your pipes. The formula contains no harsh chemicals, bleach, caustics, or acids. Instead it uses an enzymatic solution to attack organic matter while keeping you and your pipes safe.

Crush Clogs and Odors

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This drain cleaner and odor eliminator works in two ways to keep your pipes flowing smoothly. The solution ends slow drains with the bio-enzymatic formula that digests waste in your plumbing system and works best with regular maintenance. It also attacks odors by breaking down grease, fats, and organic matter that gets stuck in pipes.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love that this solution is a safer alternative than harsh chemical drain removers—and most importantly, it still works. They also liked that this solution eliminated odors without leaving an odor of its own behind. Customers found that Bioda drain cleaner worked for stubborn smells that traditional cleaners never fully eliminated.

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