Veggie Cutter


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Preparing healthy meals at home can save you money and help you stay healthy, but sometimes the idea of chopping and dicing veggies at the end of a long work day is enough to push you toward a takeout dinner. Fortunately, meal prep can be a whole lot easier with one simple, affordable, kitchen tool: this veggie cutter and spiralizer from Fullstar.

How It Works

This Fullstar veggie cutter comes with four interchangeable blades that let you julienne, chop, and slice vegetables—no knife skills required. The small dice blade is perfect for soft fruits and vegetables like onions, while the large dice blade cuts through hard produce like carrots, potatoes, and apples with ease. The spiral and ribbon blade can help you make delicious zucchini noodles or ribbon salads in seconds.

Durable and Compact

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If you’re short on kitchen space, this compact chopper can replace several tools and can be fully disassembled for easy storage. The rust-resistant stainless-steel blades snap in and out with ease and can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Why Customers Love It

With 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, customers are raving about this vegetable chopper and spiralizer. One customer who hated chopping vegetables for meal prep called the gadget “life changing” and after chopping an onion for her next meal in 15 seconds. Most customers said they used the chopper daily to dice peppers, spiralize zoodles, or slice apples.

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