Kids can make their own zombie toy, with these steps adapted from “Beasties,” by Diana Schoenbrun.

Supplies include: cotton fabric; felt in assorted colors; 1 large pom-pom; gauze, bandage wrap or clothing scrap; synthetic stuffing; craft stuffing; craft glue; thread; scissors; a sewing needle; paper; a chalk or fabric marker; and pins.

To assemble, draw a simple outline of a body shape — with only a torso, head and legs — on paper.

The body should be about 10 inches tall and 4 inches wide for sewing ease. Draw the arms, feet and ears separately. Cut out paper shapes for patterns.

Use patterns to cut two body shapes from fabric. From felt, cut out four arm shapes, four feet shapes, and two ear shapes.

Cut additional eyes, blood droplets and teeth from felt.

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Sew body shapes together, right sides together, leaving about 2 inches unsewn. Turn body right side out, fill with stuffing, and sew body closed.

Sew felt pieces to make two arms and two feet.

Fill with stuffing and sew closed. Sew arms to upper body and feet to legs.

Embroider a mouth. Sew ears to head.

Sew pom-pom and felt eyes to the head. Glue on blood droplets and gauze.

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