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Catfish tourney winners

Eric Wolff and Jordan Hoagland of Billings won the Yellowstone Challenge catfish tournament with 32.98 pounds of fish.

Billings anglers Eric Wolff and Jordan Hoagland won the 7th annual Yellowstone Challenge catfish tournament on Saturday with four fish tipping the scales at just under 33 pounds.

Veterans Brenner Flaten, of Wright, Wyo., and Chad Dawson, of Dickinson, N.D., took second place with 30.70 pounds of fish.

Local anglers Perry Jones and Paul Waller claimed third place with 28.63 pounds.

The father-son combo and past tournament champions Gerald and Robert Tallent of Forsyth took fourth place with 26.74 pounds. The Tallents still hold the tournament record for weight with 33.09 pounds set at the 2011 Yellowstone Challenge.

Rounding out the top five were Blake and Brady Gauer of Park City with 26.22 pounds of catfish.

Ten-year-old Eli Dupea took home the $100 cash prize for largest catfish, a fatty that tipped the scales at 12.33 pounds. His cat is the fourth largest ever caught in the Yellowstone Challenge.

Overall the tournament boasted 93 percent of tournament teams weighing fish, with over 60 percent of those teams catching more than 15 pounds.

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