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Where We Worship: Lighthouse to Lockwood community
JAMES WOODCOCK/Gazette Staff The Rev. Ken Schock is the pastor of Lockwood Evangelical Church.

Gazette Staff

Lockwood Evangelical Church doesn't want anyone to view church as a thing of the past.

"Often today when people walk into a church, it is as though they walk into a time warp - going back 10 or 15 years," says the Rev. Ken Schock, the church's senior pastor. "Our heart cry and passion is to be a healthy, life-giving church that is relevant to the culture, day and age we live in."

Schock says the church's message and music "encourage families and people, giving hope and instruction as to how God's Word is relevant for living today."

The church at 1413 Rosebud Lane in Lockwood is affiliated with the Evangelical Church of North America. Lockwood Evangelical is one of 25 churches in the denomination's western conference.

The church has 185 members and a weekly attendance of 180 to 190 people, Schock says.

The first service was held Feb. 26, 1950, at Lockwood Central School. The first church building was constructed on Maier Road, with dedication on Dec. 9, 1951, and present location became home to the congregation on Aug. 10, 1980.

The church is funded through weekly offerings received at worship services.

Schock says church's mission in the community "is to be 'lighthouse' in the community where God has planted us. Prayer, God's Word and worship are the foundation upon which we build, live and grow."

Schock says members of his church believe the best way to meet the needs of the Lockwood community is through need-oriented ministries.

"When a need arises, we meet it or help with it to the best of our abilities," Schock says.

Here's what else Schock had to say about Lockwood Evangelical:

Service days and times and other regular gatherings:

Sunday service, 10:30 a.m.

Six weekly prayer gatherings; weekly men's breakfast; weekly Kid's Club; youth group; senior adults; five weekly Bible studies; women's group; Son-Light Singers; nursing home service; Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts.

What's unusual about your church?

God has raised up several missionaries and a number of pastors from within our body.

For 18 years our church's youth group has presented a "Live Nativity."

Because of its beauty, our facility is used for a number of weddings by people from the community.

What is the biggest success your congregation has had in the past year?

Seeing people find new hope and life in Jesus Christ - adult/children baptisms and dedications -new members and watching God provide for our spiritual and physical needs, in terms of people, facility and budget.

What is the biggest challenge you or your congregation faces?

To better serve our community by finding needs and then meeting them through need-oriented ministries.

Give one piece of advice that has helped you, as a pastor, succeed and one pitfall to avoid:

Advice:To remember that what I do is God's calling on my life and that I need to daily seek his face for wisdom and guidance. Observing where he is working, and then join him in the task. It makes ministry/life more enjoyable!

Pitfall:Not doing what has helped me to succeed.

How has your church/congregation changed in the past five years?

I believe that we are sensing, more and more, the need to individually seek God's face through prayer and worship. As we do this, God will change lives for his honor and glory. Our numbers have grown with many new faces - praise God!! People are hearing the Word of God and are becoming involved in the various ministries of our church.

What plans does your congregation have for the next five years?

To meet the need-oriented ministries of our community, a multipurpose building/gymnasium is a part of our vision/goal.

Name the title and subject of a favorite recent sermon:

With Easter just over, I finished a series of messages from "Jesus' last words to us from the cross." God brought to light again how relevant his words from the cross are for us today.

Name your favorite hymn:

We use worship choruses intermingled with hymns. This gives us a good balance of music. Some favorite worship choruses include "Open The Eyes of My Heart," "Joy," "My Redemer Lives," "Isn't He?" "Blessed Assurance," and "At Calvary." This is but a few of many we do for worship and praise.

Name your favorite scripture:

A verse from which our church's vision statement came, "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14. Also, "Send forth Your light and Your truth, let them guide me…." Psalm 43:3

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