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Department of Energy working with power plant owners to save Colstrip

The U.S. Department of Energy testified Thursday that it’s working with the owners of the troubled Colstrip Power Plant to extend the life of the facility.

'Riot' of miner's wives led to protection for officials, which Butte lawsuit may overturn

If a former Butte woman wins her case against the Montana Board of Medical Examiners, she may reverse a judicial rule that was established when miners’ wives rioted against the Anaconda Company 73 years ago.

Medical board sued for licensing psychiatrist with troubled past

Former Butte resident Ciara Rehbein alleges in a lawsuit against the Montana Board of Medical Examiners that the board knew or should have known about the allegations in Dr. Bennett Braun’s past.


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New sober house for women opens on Billings' West End

Billings' newest sober living home for women has opened. 

Stella and Ziggy sell Stella's Kitchen & Bakery

After operating Stella's Kitchen & Bakery in downtown Billings for decades, owners Stella and Ziggy Ziegler plan to retire.

Bruno's Italian restaurant to close; neighboring Asian Sea Grill aims to expand

A more than 30-year-old Italian restaurant on Billings' West End plans to close in May.

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