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A Billings man who told a judge he broke into the home of his former daughter-in-law because he had a premonition that his grandsons were in danger was sentenced Friday to 10 years at Montana State Prison.

Yellowstone County District Judge Gregory Todd ordered the sentence for Michael Howard Moullet, who was convicted of felony burglary at a trial in January.

Moullet, 59, was sentenced as a persistent felony offender, which carries a sentence enhancement of between five and 100 years.

Moullet, who has six prior felony convictions, was convicted of the charge for an incident on Dec. 12, 2011. Moullet arrived at the home of his former daughter-in-law at 5 a.m. and broke through the front door where his two grandsons, ages 2 and 3, also resided.

Moullet was chased out of the house by the children's stepfather, who called police. Officers arrested Moullet as he drove away.

The stepfather, Nathan Harris, testified that Moullet told him the "wrath is here," and that God had ordered him to "get the boys."

Moullet told the jury in January that he had a premonition an atomic bomb had exploded on the East Coast and he went to the house to check on the boys.

Two psychiatrists who evaluated Moullet testified at the sentencing hearing Friday, telling the judge that they could not diagnose Moullet with a psychotic disorder.

They also said that Moullet has a long history of illegal drug use and refuses to admit he has a mental disorder or accept treatment.

Moullet repeated his assertion Friday that a premonition is what drove him to break into the house in order to check on his grandson. 

"I'm not crazy," Moullet told the judge. "I have premonitions. That's the way I am. I can judge a person by looking at them."

Todd said it was unclear whether Moullet's action was the result of a psychotic episode or illegal drug use. 

Regardless, the judge said, Moullet's criminal record, which includes five prior DUI convictions and two prior burglary convictions, made a prison sentence appropriate.

The judge also ordered Moullet to pay $3,635 in restitution.



State courts reporter for the Billings Gazette.