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A Billings man has been charged after entering a stranger’s home on Wednesday and attacking the man with a machete.

Shaun Cory Segmiller, 38, appeared in Yellowstone County Justice Court on charges of assault with a weapon and burglary, both felonies. Segmiller also faces a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief.

According to charges, Segmiller knocked on the door of a downstairs residence on the 800 block of Broadwater Avenue on Wednesday and asked to be let in. The resident did not know Segmiller but let him in anyway, police said.

The downstairs resident had just overheard people arguing in an upstairs residence, and recognized one of the voices as belonging to Travis Hardy, the boyfriend of a woman who was at the building. Segmiller told the downstairs resident he knew Hardy, and so the man let him in. But the man soon asked Segmiller to leave, deciding he was likely to cause more problems.

Hardy had been trying to contact his girlfriend at the building but she didn’t want him around, charges state. Hardy was “very intoxicated,” charges state.

Segmiller did leave. Then Hardy retrieved a machete from a truck outside and came back to the residence “talking all crazy,” charges state. Segmiller took the machete from Hardy, came back into the downstairs residence and swung at the man, hitting him in the hand as he raised his arm for protection.

The man received an inch-long cut on his knuckles, charges state.

Segmiller then left the residence and broke a basement window, using a lion statue he found. 

Segmiller declined to give a statement to law enforcement without an attorney present.



Justice Reporter

Justice reporter for the Billings Gazette.