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A fifth victim has come forward in a sexual abuse of children case involving the adult son of a Billings home day care owner.

An additional charge of sexual intercourse without consent was filed Tuesday against Jared Addison Terhune, 40, who is being held on a $250,000 bond in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

Terhune pleaded not guilty to the new charge Tuesday before Yellowstone County District Court Judge Michael Moses.

The new victim brings the total to five children, between ages 2 to 13, who have reported they were abused by Terhune while they were at Sunshine Daycare. 

An additional three counts of sexual abuse of children were added earlier this month after a search of Terhune’s electronic devices revealed an extensive collection of child pornography.

The newest victim, an 8-year-old, alleges Terhune had abused her since she was five or six years old. The most recent occasion happened only a few months before Terhune was arrested. He came to the girl’s house and sexually assaulted the girl.

The mother of the girl had asked her about the abuse after she picked up her kids from Terhune’s mother, Sunshine West, at her home on Declaration Avenue. West was crying and told the mother Terhune was arrested for allegedly touching kids.

The mother asked her 8-year-old if Terhune had ever touched her, and the girl began to cry. The 8-year-old reported Terhune had told her it was "a secret between them."

“Since the inception of this case, more counts have been added and more kids have come forward,” Senior Deputy County Attorney Mary Barry said. Barry is the prosecutor assigned to Terhune’s case.

Sunshine Daycare at 432 Declaration Ave., was licensed as a family child care center since 2010 with an enrollment of six children. It closed in August 2014, a month after the first report of abuse was made to police. 

West is the listed care provider, according to the State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. 

According to court documents, Terhune is the son of West and was in charge of the children when West was not present. 

West operated a day care from 1998-2007, closed for three years, and reopened in 2010.

Prior to 2010, West was licensed for group home child care as well as family care. In a group home, West looked after up to 12 children at a time and would have needed a second adult to look after the children. A second staff member's name is not listed. 

Since 1998, 40 children have been enrolled in some type of day care through West, according to DPHHS records.

West denied Terhune's actions to a parent of one of the victims in the case, and said another mother's daughter had "tried that sh—, saying Jared touched her but they were just playing and wrestling," according to an application for a search warrant filed in the case. 

According to court documents, a child, who was 7, reported the abuse to officers in July 2014. The girl formerly lived in an apartment in the basement of the day care.

The child said Terhune touched her vagina while he was wrestling with her. He also touched her on a camping trip with the day care, court documents state. 

A 2-year-old reported Terhune had used his finger to hurt her "pee pee and her butt." 

Another 7-year-old reported Terhune had assaulted her while she was asleep watching TV and tried to bribe her with pie to show him her underwear. She said she refused, but that later while she was sleeping Terhune took photos of her underwear, which she later saw on his camera. 

She said the abuse escalated to him allegedly touching her under her underwear and rubbing her, saying he was checking her for ticks. 

A 13-year-old came forward in May and reported Terhune touched her in July 2013, when she awoke during a backyard camping trip to find her pants undone. She went inside the home day care and went to sleep in the basement. She said she woke up again and allegedly found Terhune with his hand down her pants. 

Terhune’s trial is scheduled for April.