Montana's Top 5 most dramatic man-made features

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Montana's Top 5 most dramatic man-made features

Here's a look at the man-made features that rated tops on balloter's lists:

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1. Fort Peck Dam

Fort Peck Dam spillway

The Fort Peck spillway near Nashua

The lake dammed by Fort Peck Dam, a monster WPA (Works Progress Administration) project completed in 1941, is a magnificent prairie sight. The 1,600 miles of shoreline backed up behind the dam are almost incomprehensible, especially when one considers that California's coastline is only 800 miles long.

The ocean-like view from its windswept shore is in complete contrast to its landlocked location. - Rick and Susie Graetz

2. Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway features mountains with peaks at more than 12,000 feet in elevation and the Custer, Gallatin and Shoshone National Forests.

Admit it. It's where you take out-of-town company when they visit. Where else can you stand in a snowbank on a hot July day? - Mike Gast

3. Berkeley Pit

Berkeley Pit

The Berkeley Pit in Butte is pictured in December 2018.

The mine that nearly ate the town. Man-made, at once an eyesore, as well as a dramatic view; as much an oddity, as it is a fascination. When the sun is setting, its beige, rust, saffron and red patchwork patterned, multitiered stone walls are reflected in the toxic water now filling the open-pit copper mine. - Rick and Susie Graetz

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4. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.

Simply one of the most spectacular automobile drives in any of the American national parks, particularly impressive given its construction was finished in the 1930s. - Bill Wyckoff

5 (tie). Judith Gap wind farm

Judith Gap wind farm

Invenergy's wind farm near Judith Gap is pictured in 2015.

I was unsure of what I was seeing moving through Montana on flatbed trucks the last couple of years. The cargo looked like wings for a large aircraft.

One day, while driving through Judith Gap, I became aware of what those were, wind turbine fan blades. Now that the project is complete, it is amazing to watch them turn. They give a surreal look to the Gap, and, with the Snowy Mountains to the Northeast, if you approach it from the south you would think you were dropped off in a sci-fi movie. - Dave Lundin

5 (tie). Yellowtail Dam

Bighorn Canyon

An aerial view show the Yellowtail Dam at the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area at full pool on June 28, 2015.

The dam made the Bighorn River one of the world's most famous blue-ribbon trout fisheries. - Robert Thiesen

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