Cooking with Vince By VINCE PERNICANO

The buffalo craze has hit and a more tasty critter is hard to find. It is lean and very tender if it's the meat of a young animal.

Here's a simple yet tasty way to prepare a buffalo rib roast. This is a real stick-to-the-ribs meal.Rotisserie Buffalo What you need:

Four- to five-pound rib roast

Coarse ground black pepper


Fresh garlic - three cloves sliced into thin strips

Your favorite steak sauce (I prefer no steak sauce, to get the true taste of the meat)

What you do:

Secure roast to the rotisserie rod.

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Make small slits into the roast and insert the fresh garlic.

Generously coat the roast with pepper and salt to taste.

Put the roast on the barbecue and cook until medium done. You may baste it while it cooks with Worcestershire sauce or you favorite steak sauce. I prefer to let it rotate and baste in it's own juices.

Serve with fresh vegetables and fried potatoes.

“Chef Vince” Pernicano, of Lolo, Mont., writes the Cooking With Vince column for The Billings Gazette. Copies of his wild game and fish cookbook, “Cooking With Vince,” are available for $12.95 by calling: 1-866-523-5568, or over the Internet at: www.montanaoutdoor.com/store.php3, or contact him at: www.cookingwithvince.com