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Amanda Hanson, a senior at Skyview High School, started writing poetry in the sixth grade after moving from the small town of Chester to Billings.

"It was just a time I was going through at that moment," she said. "It was a big adjustment. I was thinking, the class I'm in right now is bigger than my whole graduating class in Chester! Poetry was my way of helping me deal with that."

As a freshman at Skyview, Hanson caught sight of a sign looking for submissions for the school's literary magazine.

"I was like, 'Hmmm, literary magazine, I guess I could give it a shot,' " she said.

Since then, Hanson's work has appeared in the magazine every year. As well, a poem she wrote called "Chasing Time" will appear in the state student literary magazine.

"Mrs. (Gerry) Thompson had a few posters and flyers for it on her walls," Hanson said. "She said no one from Skyview had ever been published in one of those, and I thought, 'Why don't I change that?' "

Despite her success in writing, Hanson doesn't plan to study it in college.

"Writing for me right now is mainly a hobby," she said. "I might, during college, do journalism courses. I plan on majoring in music, and another major in animation."

Chasing Time

By Amanda Hanson

He ran past me

Not even faltering

For a moment.

I ran faster

In hopes that I could catch him.

Hey! I called as I gasped for breath

Wait up! Wait for me!

He laughed as he kept running.

I wait for no one! He said.

Do you ever rest? I called.

I never stop. He replied.

For anything? I asked.

For nothing. He answered.

If you want me to stop,

You'll have to catch me.

So I got to my feet,

And began to chase him again,

But no matter how fast I was,

He was always faster.

At last, I gave up.

Who are you? I breathlessly asked.

I am Time. He replied.

I never grow weary,

I'll never grow old,

I'll forever be the same.

The Lighthouse

By Amanda Hanson

Show me the way home

When darkness clouds my path.

Beckon to me

That ray of hope.

Though the waves

May crash and beat around me,

And the wind

Will blow and howl,

I know that I will be safe

In your path of light provided.