A search party organized for Thursday morning in Lockwood to find clues about a missing woman was called off after the woman’s mother talked with a Billings police detective.

The search was organized by friends and family of Jamee Christine Grossman, 25, who has been missing since March. She was last seen with her boyfriend at a residence in Lockwood.

Grossman’s mother, Leslie Taft, said her friends felt helpless and wanted to do something. They met Thursday morning in the Lockwood Elementary School parking lot, but Taft told the group the search was called off.

“I got a call from a detective today,” Taft said. “They’re investigating, and there are things they can’t tell me.”

But the search would be “a complete waste of time,” Taft said the detective told her, declining to mention what else the detective said.

Instead, Taft handed out posters to each person, detailing her daughter’s disappearance, for them to post at area businesses. Grossman is a 5-foot, 6-inch white woman who weighs 130 pounds. She has blue eyes and blond or strawberry blond hair.

While in the parking lot, Taft also met with Nicole Marchant, who lives at the home where Grossman was last seen. Marchant brought Taft items of her daughter’s that had been left at Marchant’s house.

They included a webbed laundry bag with clothes, shoes and laundry detergent, a black overnight bag with makeup, photos of her children, some check stubs and other possessions.

Marchant told Taft that Grossman and her boyfriend left the house a little before 2 a.m. the last night she was seen. Although Grossman and her boyfriend had a history of fighting and alleged physical abuse, Marchant said the two seemed both to be in a good mood when they left the house.

“She was fine when she left there,” Marchant said. “They were doing good.”

Taft last saw her daughter in mid-March, a few days before Grossman was last seen. Her talk with the detective gave her a glimmer of hope, she said.

“Yesterday I thought she was dead, and today I have some hope,” Taft said.

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