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April 10 aerial photo west of Glasgow
Patrick Gilchrist took aerial photos of flooding near Glasgow on Sunday.

Floodwaters continue to rise in northeastern Montana, putting some homes at risk.

National Weather Service meteorologist intern Amy Schnetzler said a few people with homes near the Milk River outside Glasgow have left their homes and opted to stay in hotels until the waters subside.

Schnetzler said water is nearing the foundations of some isolated homes. Yards and driveways are already underwater.

Rick Feiler, disaster and emergency coordinator for Valley County, said 12 roads in the area are flooded. Several of those are barricaded.

“All of the homes that have water problems have been identified,” Feiler said. “We are keeping track of those people if they have any problems.”

As of 3 p.m. Monday, no evacuations had been issued.

The Milk River along Glasgow is expected to crest at 6 a.m. Wednesday at 31.4 feet and hold steady or slightly decrease by April 21.

The river near Tampico is set to crest Wednesday at 29 feet, holding steady through April 21. Schnetzler said the river near Nashua will crest Friday afternoon at about 28.8 feet. River levels in that area will then drop and rise again after April 19.

“We are not looking at any major decrease in water levels for the next week and a half or two weeks,” Schnetzler said. “We are looking at slightly below-normal temperatures for the next couple days, but then we are right back to normal.”

“There is significant snowpack to the north and west, which will only aggravate that flooding when it melts.”

In addition to the Milk River, Schnetzler said, several creeks and streams feeding the river have been flooding for weeks. Others aren’t fully flowing yet.

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