Three identical toddler boys will add to the merriment of the Kinsey family in Miles City this Thanksgiving.

“We’re just so thankful that these kids are so healthy, with no medical problems,” Jody Kinsey said about Cade, Ian and Milo. “It will be really fun to see them experiencing things for the first time.”

The naturally conceived one-in-a-million spontaneous identical triplets were born a year ago on Dec. 5. Jody Kinsey spent her 2014 Thanksgiving at the Billings Clinic, experiencing signs of early labor and was hospitalized until the babies were delivered. 

This year, she, husband Jase Kinsey and their older son, Jax, 7, will enjoy the holiday at the homes of relatives with the three toddlers in tow. Keeping an eye on them keeps the family on their toes, Jase said.

“It’s definitely hard — but it’s a good kind of hard — when you have to keep track of what they’re doing,” he said. “They’re really good about splitting apart, one crawling down the hall, one trying to get behind a chair and the other one sitting on the floor like ‘I’m not doing nothing.’”

The triplets, with an original due date of Jan. 25, were delivered just before their 32nd week of gestation, which is common in multiple births. Cade, born first, weighed 3 pounds, 13 ounces; Ian, who came next, weighed 3 pounds, 11 ounces; and Milo was 4 pounds, 1 ounce.

The babies arrived in good health, with none of the breathing problems that can be common in premature babies. Cade was released from the hospital first, while Ian and Milo remained a bit longer until they got the hang of eating.

Asked if raising three babies simultaneously comes with big challenges, Jase said “other than the lack of sleep, not really.”

“It was pretty hard there for a while,” he said. “We didn’t know if we were going to sleep again.”

Once Jody and Jase brought the infants home, the couple had to learn how to coordinate their efforts, Jody said. That included figuring out how to feed the trio all at one time.

Each parent would hold and feed one baby, and the third would be propped up with a bottle.

“And we just kind of rotated so somebody was always being held,” she said.

Jase works for Miles City in the water department, and Jody is a bookkeeper at Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply. So these days, caring for the triplets is a family affair.

Jody’s mom is with them weekdays, with help from Jody’s sister in the mornings and assistance from Jase’s mom in the afternoons. Evenings and weekends, Jase and Jody and Jax enjoy the trio that Jody describes as” very busy.”

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“They’re all crawling really well,” she said. “They all can stand up and cruise around the furniture. We’re not far away from walking.”

To stranger’s eye the three boys appear identical, but there are little differences, Jody said. Cade and Milo each have a visible blue vein on their faces, which gives onlookers a clue. Ian’s face is also a little thinner than the other two.

“If you see them beside each other, you can tell,” she said.

Each boy also has an individual personality. First-born Cade wants things his own way, Jase said, and he’s a little less outgoing than the other two.

“If he’s not first, then it’s like the end of the world,” Jase said.

Ian is the quiet one who spends a lot of time sitting on the floor and looking at books.

“He completely entertains himself and is content most of the time,” Jase said.

Milo, the youngest, is the typical baby of the family, Jase said.

“Milo likes lots of attention and is a little more needy than the other two,” he said.