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ROI Solutions landed a call center contract with Hello Fresh and will add 150 to 200 jobs at their Billings facility on 24th Street West and Lampman Drive picture above in this undated photo.

ROI Solutions, a call center with offices on 24th Street West in Billings, will begin managing customer service operations for the national meal-kit delivery service HelloFresh. 

The new contract between HelloFresh and ROI Solutions — along with a pair of smaller contracts ROI landed earlier this month — means the call center will need to hire between 150 and 200 new employees by the year's end. ROI, a Utah-based company that expanded to Montana earlier this year, is setting up shop in Billings. 

HelloFresh is one of several meal kit delivery companies that send ingredients and recipes to customers' homes.

Jesse Ross, manager of ROI in Billings, talked Friday afternoon about the company's growth strategy in Billings and the importance of creating a healthy company culture to attract and retain employees.

"It's a much more people-oriented culture," he said, pointing to the importance of being flexible and accommodating with employees. 

As an example, he said in April the company didn't lose a single employee. 

"In the call-center world that's unheard of," Ross said. 

It's one of the reasons Big Sky Economic Development has been keen on ROI, working to bring the call center to Billings and helping to promote the call center's job opportunities.

"That's the core," said Karen Baumgart, director of the BillingsWorks program from Big Sky Economic Development. "It's not just a business coming here and bringing jobs."

ROI creates an environment that values employee satisfaction, which in turn reduces turnover and creates quality jobs for the city, she said. 

"They're a good employer," Baumgart said. 

The focus on employee satisfaction is intentional, Ross said. Not only does it provide him with a stable, quality workforce, but it also helps ROI land important contracts. HelloFresh and the two other companies that recently contract with ROI came out to Billings first to visit the call center and observe the operation.

"They come out here and they see the people," Ross said. 

The healthy company culture sells ROI to these businesses that are looking to bring on a call center operation, he said. 

ROI Solutions will hold a hiring event in partnership with the Billings office of Job Service Montana at 2121 Rosebud Drive from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and again on July 29 and 31. 

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