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Tiny snowflakes cling to a new leaf

Tiny snowflakes cling to a new leaf on a bush as a brief snowstorm moves through Billings in 2016.

A small amount of snow accumulation Friday morning helped Billings to tie the all-time seasonal record, according to the National Weather Service.

Larry Dooley, observing program leader at NWS, said at 8:40 a.m. that the monitoring station showed 0.4 inches of accumulation since Thursday. That brings the season's snowfall total to match the previous record of 103.5 inches.

Dooley said they will continue to monitor some precipitation in the area in case more accumulation brings Billings past the record.

6:44 a.m.

Saying that Billings is inching toward the snowfall record isn't quite accurate. It's actually less than that.

The overnight snow accumulation at the National Weather Service monitoring station amounted to 0.2 inches when checked early Friday, according to NWS Meteorologist Joe Lester. An accumulation of 0.4 inches was needed to break the seasonal snowfall record.

Lester said Billings sat at 103.3 inches for the season — just shy of the record of 103.5 inches. He said the snow needs to stick around and not dissolve upon contact with the ground to be counted as accumulation.

Even so close, it's unclear yet if the record will be met Friday.

"We're going to see some light snow continue, but the sun's coming up," Lester said.


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