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The Billings Police Department welcomed two new officers to its ranks on Monday.

Officers Timothy Doll, 31, and David Firebaugh, 30, were sworn in Monday morning in Municipal Court in front of family and friends.

“I’m very, very pleased we have two of the best that came out of this hiring pool,” said Chief Rich St. John.

A Billings native, Doll spent the past 8-½ years working for the Casper Police Department in Casper, Wyo., where he spent two years on patrol and 6-½ years as a detective.

He’s looking forward to being back on patrol and learning a new city layout. The biggest draw to Billings was being closer to family.

“It was an opportunity to bring my wife and kids home. That was the biggest thing to us,” Doll said.

Doll has a wife and three daughters. Both he and his wife went to high school and college in Billings.

Firebaugh first started in law enforcement as a reserve in 2004 and was then hired with the Bridger Police Department. In 2006, he transferred to the Laurel Police Department, which is where he was employed until Saturday.

He is looking forward to new opportunities working with Billings police.

“Some of the things I’d like to pursue were not available,” Firebaugh said. “I want to work on crashes and K-9 units and explore my professional interests.”

One incident from 2007 came up during Firebaugh’s background check where Firebaugh fired twice at a drunken driver who rammed into his patrol car.

The driver was not injured in the shooting.

“It was an incident that someone purposefully tried to inflict harm to me, and I responded to it, and here we are now,” Firebaugh said. “It ironically ended up being one of the best experiences to happen to me. ... There are no hard feelings or ill will about anything that happened.”

The shooting was determined to be unjustified, resulting in a written reprimand. He was also asked to complete additional training on use-of-force policies, shoot-don’t-shoot scenarios, live firearms training and weapon safety and maintenance.

Sgt. Kevin Iffland said the incident had mostly been expunged from Firebaugh’s record, but Firebaugh was open about it.

“David was really open in sharing about the incident,” Iffland said. “That was a consideration we looked at. We look at the facts of everything involved. We don’t deal with rumors and speculation. We validate the information, and the hiring panel makes a determination based on that.”

Doll and Firebaugh will be joining three other officers in the field training program, where they will learn more about the department.

The department now has 144 officers, which is three more than a full staff. Iffland said they hired for two officers who are deployed with the military and another who will be retiring in July.

Another 21 officers are eligible for retirement. The department will most likely not be seeking new hires again until closer to the next academy training period in September, Iffland said.