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Bragg Column: Political correctness taking over
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A specter is haunting America, the specter of political correctness.

Pardon the paraphrase but it would seem to apply to what is happening to the American language today.

It began a decade or two back, when an early step in the arbitrary emasculation of our language by suggesting that "chairperson" would be less - for a better word - genderizing than would a simple term like "chairman" or "chairwoman." It resulted in such verbal silliness as "waitperson" instead of having those terrible words like "waiter" and "waitress."

Now we see more references to heads of committees as simply "chairs." It accomplishes little but we can thank what the reformers saw looming in the future when rodeos or western films would have to rely on p.c.-described enemies in range wars or attacking wagon trains.

Imagine kids playing cowpersons and Native Americans on Saturday mornings to come. And in our politically correct society today where we have "detention centers" instead of good old fashioned jails, what socially adjusted kid would want to be a cop, let alone a robber?

The disappearance of the acronym "Ms." (pronounced "mizz") several years ago from the pages of the New York Times went unnoticed by many and we say good riddance. And just as bad was the term "aviatrix" which in the early 1920s described any woman who could fly an airplane.

But, back to our haunting in which the specter has switched sheets to a business suit (or dress, for heavens sake!) to move from print and speech to matters of faith and morals or anything else God or Yahweh or Allah or any other name is for and they're against.

Now these members of a new Watch and Ward Society want to take "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance. And the ACLU, as has been its custom for longer than we can put up with, is there with a helping hand.

I think most of us feel that little will come of such political correcting of the Pledge of Allegiance, but not to worry.

Whether one word puts Him up there, that's still where He is, always has been and will be for a long to come. Count on it.

And sleep well.

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