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Crews will soon begin making emergency repairs to a wall and roof joint at the School District 2 Career Center.

The problem was discovered before Christmas break and the engineers who examined it saw structural deficiencies and decided it was severe enough that the repairs couldn’t wait, said Lew Anderson, the district’s facilities director.

The district brought in four local contractors with whom it had worked before and had them bid on the project.

Cucancic Construction Inc. won with a bid of $24,255, which was thousands of dollars less than the other three bids, Anderson said.

Stan Barr, Career Center principal, said given the isolated location of the problem, the working crews and their repairs won’t affect the school’s routine.

“It’s not going to be disturbing students,” he said.

The problem was found last month when an SD2 facilities crew was on the roof. The crew was giving tours to companies that planned to bid on a partial roof replacement project to be done this summer.

As they walked the perimeter, in one corner between two parapets, they noticed a section of the roof was “wiggly.”

As engineers examined the joint where the roof connected to the wall, they discovered that the hardware holding the two together had come undone because of problems with the wall, Anderson said.

To repair the faulty section, workers from Cucancic Construction will build a new wall that will fit directly over the old and install a cap that will better connect it to the roof.

Steel for the project is being fabricated now, Anderson said. He expects the project will be done in the next four weeks.

The section of roof is over one of the classrooms left vacant when the district moved West High’s Freshmen Academy back to its own campus.

As such, construction won’t impact students’ time in the classroom. It’s likely they won’t even see it going on, Anderson said.

“They probably won’t even know we’re there,” he said.

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