Cookie's Kitchen

The Cookie's Kitchen food truck, which was robbed Tuesday night in Lockwood.

Todd Chilton has beef. Well, he had beef.

The Lockwood food truck owner has been forced to shut down his truck, Cookie's Kitchen, for a week after unexpected visitors took over 200 pounds of meat from his truck Tuesday night.

Chilton found his food truck freezers free of meats on Wednesday morning. The thieves also got into his garage freezers. 

The trailer had expensive kitchen equipment, money and gear in the garage, but that was ignored. 

The burglars bee-lined for the barbecue.

“They just stole anything of meat value,” Chilton said.

The barbecue bandits' half-baked plan left baked beans, corn on the cob and Chilton's homemade rub and sauce. 

Despite that, the meat marauders managed to smuggle multiple pork butts, a case of briskets and three cases of baby back ribs. Chilton estimated it at over 200 pounds of meat, valued around $700. 

"That’s a lot of meat. But the thing is, meat is worth money I guess. They can trade it off," Chilton mused of the motivation of the brisket burglars.

Cookie's Kitchen opened at the beginning of April. Chilton's insurance covers only losses of $1,000 or more, he said, disqualifying the $700 loss. He'll be closed for the week while he gets new supplies and smokes the new meat. The supplies could have lasted him up to a month. 

Chilton suspects the thieves will eat the massive amount of meat. 

Be on the lookout for large barbecues, the smell of brisket and ribs, or the tell-tale sign of sticky, barbecue-y fingers. In a Facebook post, Chilton hoped to catch the raiders red-handed by informing other food-truckers of the theft. 

"If someone is trying to sell brisket they can say, 'Wait a minute, here,'" he said. 

Through it all Chilton is left to wonder: Who has the meat?

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