Poly Drive Elementary School

Poly Drive Elementary School is pictured in this 2016 file photo. 

A parent and student accused a teacher of bringing a convicted violent offender into the classroom and raised other safety concerns at Monday’s school board meeting.

Parent Erica Hayashida didn’t name the school or teacher, but said the alleged incidents show “terrible decision making skills.”

School District 2 superintendent Greg Upham said the district is investigating the complaint, and that a convicted felon was in contact with students. However, he said that district administrators and a school resource officer didn't feel that contact was "dangerous or threatful."

Poly Drive Elementary Parent Teacher Association president Mendy Nelson effectively identified the school in question, saying the situation has divided parents.

“I’m not saying that what has been said today is incorrect, but I believe that the proper way to handle this is through an investigation,” she said.

Hayashida’s son said a visitor was in his classroom several times, sometimes bringing snacks. Hayashida said that the person was a felony violent offender.

She said that school officials “continually told” her that the person was on school property only twice.

Hayashida and her son also said the child broke his foot on April 26 and complained of pain and limited mobility to school staff, but no extended medical care was offered. Hayashida said she was notified that her son hurt his foot on the playground but not of the extent of the injury.

They both also cited an incident during a May 10 field trip when her son was allowed to purchase a knife.

Upham said the district has started a full investigation into the alleged incidents. He expected that the investigation would conclude within roughly three weeks. 

The complaint that sparked the investigation was that a felon was in proximity to students, he said. 

Nelson said the incidents have taken on “a lot of fabrication,” which she clarified was not directed at Hayashida’s comments.

She said she hoped a "full investigation" would bring resolution to the issue. 

"It is definitely dividing parents at Poly," she said. 

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