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Heights students showing off unique talents
JOHN WARNER/Gazette Staff Jon Miller raises his arms in triumph after successfully ringing a soft drink at the Bench Elementary School Carnival. JOHN WARNER/Gazette Staff More than 200 Sandstone Elementary students perform in 'Wackadoozoo,' a play where animals make all the wrong sounds, frustrating a professor, played by Katy Warner, 9. The professor eventually comes around to the animal's unique ways and, above, sings to their independence. BOB ZELLAR/Gazette Staff Fa Sirijinda and Alex Cummings, far left, clean a car at Skyview High's fund-raiser at MasterLube, which raises funds for the Falcon Finale, a party for graduating seniors. BOB ZELLAR/Gazette Staff Melissa Wright; Mandy Lyon, in the mascot suit; and Meredith Brown attract customers to the fund-raiser. BOB ZELLAR/Gazette Staff Sydney Prosenick dances at the Alkali Creek Elementary talent show. BOB ZELLAR/Gazette Staff Leah Kalland, Ashley Neutgens, Melissa Leafdale and Jenna LePage do a dance routine at Alkali Creek's talent show.

An original song was performed by Steven Hancock. There were dances between friends and siblings, and even a mother-daughter act last week at Alkali Creek School's talent show.

Student council adviser Colleen Whitbeck said the talent show has been presented at the school for the past 11 years. This year's show featured talent from students of all skill levels and ages. In all, the two-hour show included 24 acts and almost 40 performers.

Dozens of parents and some grandparents took in the afternoon show.

Four girls — Mariel Rieland, Emily Schuster, Sara Dewitt and Sarah Williams — performed a silly song-rhyme about big sharks and little swimmers, and several students performed instrumental solos on piano, violin and guitar.

First-grader Kris Rickhoff drew laughter from the crowd when she performed Pink Floyd's anti-school anthem "Another Brick in the Wall" with the chorus line of "We don't need no education; we don't need no thought control." Dressed in school-girl plaid, Rickhoff even pulled off a British accent for the song.

Her brothers Kyle and Kurt Rickhoff, who are students at Skyview High School, originally planned to join her in the song but couldn't get time off from school. When they were students at Alkali Creek, they performed a silly skit about the school cafeteria, Whitbeck said.

Hannah Brown performed a show-stopping jazz dance, and Matt Patten jammed on his guitar. Shellie Lusk sang, and her mother, Sondra, accompanied her on the piano on the song "Blue Lavender."

"There are lots of kids with talent at this school," Whitbeck said. "This is an opportunity for them to show their abilities and talents."

Sixth-grader Ahsley Neutgens, who is president of the student council, was master of ceremonies and also performed with a group of friends in a dance.

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