Here's a list of Billings food and drink businesses that are offering pickup and delivery

Here's a list of Billings food and drink businesses that are offering pickup and delivery

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Below is a list of Billings restaurants, cafes and other food and drink businesses that are offering either pickup, delivery or both during restrictions related to the coronavirus.

If you're a business owner who would like to be included in this list, call 406-657-1340 or email Ryan Brosseau at

Click on the business name to visit their website. Last updated 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 21.

Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
American Classic Pizzeria Yes Yes 406.248.4700 4241 Kari Lane
Applebee's Grill & Bar — Main St. Yes Yes 406.896.8450 204 Main Street
Applebee's Grill & Bar — 24th St. W. Yes Yes 406.655.0255 740 24th St. West
Asian Sea Grill Yes Yes 406.655.0888 1911 King Ave. W., Suite #3
Banano Yes No 406.534.2106 1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd. #6
Baskin Robbins Yes Yes All Locations All Locations
Bernie's Diner Yes Yes 406.867.6773 19 N Broadway
BIN 119 Yes No 406.294.9119 119 N Broadway
Bistecca at the Granary Yes No 406.259.3488 1500 Poly Drive
Black Dog Coffee Yes No 406.534.8822 1528 24th St. West
Blaze Pizza Yes Yes 406.794.0880 316 S 24th St. W., Suite #1
Brockel's Chocolates Yes No 406.248.2705 117 N 29th Street
Buffalo Block Prime Steakhouse Yes No 406.245.7477 2401 Montana Avenue
Bull Mountain Grille Yes Yes 406.254.2855 2376 Main Street
Burger Dive Yes No 406.281.8291 114 N 27th Street
Burnin The Bone BBQ Yes No 406.561.6708 Food Truck
By All Means/ Uberbrew Yes Yes 406.534.3075 1400 S 24th St. W., Suite #3
Cafe Zydeco Yes Yes 406.248.3440 2503 Montana Avenue
Canyon Creek Brewing Yes No 406.656.2528 3060 Gabel Road
Caramel Cookie Waffles Yes Yes 406.252.1960 1707 17th St. West
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Carbone's Pizzeria & Pub Yes Yes 406.281.8431 3925 Grand Avenue
Carter's Brewing Yes Yes 606.252.0663 2526 Montana Avenue
Chalet Market Yes Yes 406.656.6600 327 24th St. West
Cham Thai Yes No 406.256.1812 2916 First Ave. North
City Brew Coffee Yes No All Locations All Locations
CJ's Bar & Grill Yes Yes 406.656.1400 2455 Central Avenue
Commons 1882 Yes Yes 406.254.1882 115 Shiloh Road, Suite 6
Dickeys BBQ Yes Yes 406.969.3909 2519 Montana Avenue
Don Luis Yes Yes 406.256.3355 15 N 26th Street
Famous Dave's Yes Yes 406.652.4880 2883 King Ave. West
Five on Black - Billings Yes Yes 406.534.2626 316 S. 24th St. West
Fuddruckers Yes Yes 406.656.5455 2011 Overland Avenue
Get Baked! Yes No 406.694.1683 1901 Broadwater Ave., Suite #3
Godfather's Pizza Yes Yes 406.252.0865 905 Main Street
Grand Garden Yes No 406.656.9898 3839 Grand Ave., Suite A
Great Harvest Bread Co. - Central Yes Yes 406.702.1505 32nd & Central
Great Harvest Bread Co. - Poly Yes Yes 406.248.8889 907 Poly Drive
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Yes Yes 406.245.2151 1403 Main Street
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Yes Yes 406.652.5156 1223 Grand Avenue
Guido's Pizza Yes Yes 406.534.4597 2417 Montana Avenue
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Gusick's Restaurant Yes No 406.652.5441 760 S 20th St. West
Heights Dairy Queen Yes Yes 406.248.8061 475 Main Street
High Horse Saloon & Eatery Yes No 406.259.0111 3953 Montana Avenue
IHOP Yes No 406.651.8778 2833 King Ave. West
Imperial Thai Restaurant Yes Yes 406.969.3330 216 N 28th Street
India Grill Yes Yes 406.652.9700 503 24th St. West
Jersey Mike's Yes Yes 406.601.1220 1020 Shiloh Crossing Blvd #2
Juliano's Restaurant Yes No 406.248.6400 2912 Seventh Ave. North
Knockout Smoothie Yes No 406.281.8800 2340 Grand Avenue
Kreative Kapers Catering No Yes 406.256.5469 Catering
Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill Yes Yes 406.534.8918 2203 Montana Avenue
La Tinga Yes Yes 406.696.8828 113 N. 31st Street
Laurel Golf Club Yes Yes 406.628.4504 1020 Golf Course Road
Le Fournil Bakery Yes Yes 406.850.8586 2805 First Ave. North
LemonGrass Yes No 406.294.8881 2695 King Ave. W., Suite E
Lilac Yes Yes 406.969.4959 2515 Montana Avenue
Lisa's Sandwich Den Yes Yes 406.252.4282 2908 First Ave. North
Little Caesars Yes Yes 406.259.0033 1749 Main Street
Little Caesars Yes Yes 406.245.9190 501 Grand Avenue
Little Caesars Yes Yes 406.656.2500 2202 Central Avenue
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Local Kitchen & Bar Yes Yes 406.534.8601 1430 Country Manor Blvd
Lucky Cuss Casino Yes No 406.248.8918 2753 State Avenue
McCormick Cafe Yes Yes 406.255.9555 2419 Montana Avenue
Mia's Wok Yes Yes 406.371.7273 3012 Fourth Ave. North
Miss Gigi's Sweets Yes Yes 406.647.9363 2401 Second Ave. North
Montana Jack's Yes Yes 406.252.0243 520 Hansen Lane
Montana Tamale Company Yes Yes 406.404.7790 Catering
Mooyah Yes Yes 406.294.3797 2695 King Ave. W., Suite D
Mountain Mudd Yes No All Locations All Locations
Off Main Deli Yes Yes 406.252.5576 669 Main Street
Oktoberfest Yes Yes 406.894.2337 3839 Grand Ave., Suite #5
Old Chicago Yes No 406.655.8122 920 S 24th St W
Outback Steakhouse Yes No 406.652.3565 201 Overland Avenue
Panera Bread Yes Yes 406.702.1160 110 S. 24th St. West
Pickle Barrel Yes Yes 406.702.7212 3225 Rosebud Drive
Pie Guys Yes Yes 406.702.1646 3189 King Ave. West
Pita Pit Yes Yes 406.652.9261 2813 Second Ave. North
Pita Pit Yes Yes 406.245.7482 2228 Grand Avenue
Pizza Ranch Yes Yes All Locations All Locations
Play Inn Yes No 406.252.9034 1422 Main Street
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Project Lunch Yes Yes 406.272.2470 2401 Second Ave. North
Pronghorn Grill Yes No 406.200.3250 1930 Clubhouse Way
Ra Ra’s Pizzeria and Sandwiches Yes No 406.272.6971 4667 US Highway 312
RaeRae's Bakery Yes Yes 406.534.2609 1505 Rehberg Lane
Ranch House Meats Yes No 406.656.0777 3203 Henesta Drive
Red Robin Yes Yes 406.248.7778 1595 Grand Ave., Suite #210
Red Rooster Cafe Yes Yes 406.839.2884 1500 Broadwater Avenue
Redneck Pizza Yes Yes 406.534.3495 3911 Central Avenue
Rock Creek Coffee Yes No 406.896.1600 124 N. Broadway
Rockets Gourmet Wraps Yes Yes 406.248.5231 2809 First Ave. North
Samurai Yes No 406.656.0448 3429 Central Avenue
Sarah's Mexican Food Yes Yes 406.256.5234 310 N 29th Street
Siam Thai Restaurant Yes Yes 406.652.4315 3210 Henesta Drive Ste. G
Sophie's Kitchen Yes Yes 406.702.7022 149 Shiloh Road, Suite #3
Stacked A Montana Grill Yes Yes 406.534.8702 106 N Broadway
Stadium Club Liquor Store Yes No 406.254.9727 1041 Main Street
Staggering Ox Yes Yes 406.294.6969 2829 King Ave. West
Stella's Kitchen & Bakery Yes No 406.248.3060 2525 First Ave. North
Steve's Hot Dogs Yes Yes 406.534.2747 2240 Grand Avenue
Swanky Roots Yes No 406.656.7668 8333 Story Road
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Taco Bell Yes Yes All Locations All Locations
Taco del Sol - Heights Yes Yes 406.894.2123 595 Main Street
Taco del Sol - West End Yes Yes 406.534.1001 3911 Central Ave
Tarantino's Pizza Yes Yes 406.839.9995 1102 Grand Avenue
Taste of Asia Yes Yes 406.656.0373 111 S 24th St. W., Suite #21
TEN Yes Yes 406.864.6774 19 N Broadway
The Field House/ The Annex Coffeehouse & Bakery Yes Yes 406.534.2556 2601 Minnesota Avenue
The Great American Bagel Yes Yes 406.656.6618 327 S 24th St. W., Suite #4
The Ohana Poke Company Yes Yes 406.534.2353 1595 Grand Ave., Suite #260
The Red Door Yes No 406.259.6419 3875 Grand Avenue
The Sassy Biscuit Co. Yes Yes 406.200.7530 115 N 29th Street
The Second Shift Restaurant and Casino Yes No 406.248.5516 934 U.S. 87 East
Thirsty Street Brewing Yes Yes 406.969.3200 3008 First Ave. North
Tiny's Tavern Yes No 406.259.0828 323 N 24th Street
Tippy Cow Cafe Yes No 406.534.3599 279 E Airport Road
Veronika's Pastry Shop Yes Yes 406.855.5770 2513 Montana Avenue
Village Inn Pizza Parlor Yes No 406.656.6706 2048 Grand Avenue
Well Pared Downtown Yes Yes 406.534.3170 (Ext. #2) 2710 First Ave. North
Well Pared West Yes Yes 406.534.3170 (Ext. #1) 605 24th St. West
Wendy's Yes Yes All Locations All Locations
Business Name Pickup Delivery Phone Address
Wild Ginger Yes Yes 406.252.4486 2713 Montana Avenue
Windmill Bar 51 Yes Yes 406.252.8100 3429 Transtech Way
Yellowstone Cellars & Winery Yes Yes 406.281.8400 1335 Holiday Circle
Yellowstone Valley Food Hub Yes Yes 406.529.1103 1125 Broadwater Avenue
Your Pie Yes Yes 406.534.8738 824 Shiloh Crossing Blvd., Suite #1

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