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School District 2 trustees expelled a high school student Wednesday afternoon. 

District Superintendent Greg Upham and lawyer Jeana Lervick said they couldn't provide details about the incident, but that there was no threat to the widespread well-being of students. 

Senior High Principal Jeff Uhren attended the hearing, which was largely held in a closed session. Upham and Lervick said that they couldn't identify the school the student attended. 

The student, whose name was not released, is the eighth student expelled from the district since 2006. Trustees most recently expelled an elementary student in April

Wednesday's vote was unanimous. 

Trustees were trained on student disciplinary procedures before the public was barred from the meeting because of student privacy laws.

An expulsion hearing is typically the last stop in a line of disciplinary actions. Expulsions have a lower burden of proof than criminal proceedings, requiring a "preponderance of evidence."

In an expulsion hearing, trustees examine the evidence against the student and can call witnesses. If the student or family chooses, they can argue in their own defense or elect to have legal representation at the hearing. 

The recommendation to expel comes from the superintendent and is then heard by the board. While school staff members and administrators have the authority to suspend students or take other disciplinary actions, only the school board can expel.

One reason expulsion cases are treated seriously is because children in Montana are promised access to public education by law.

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