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All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Cassie Jo Sargent and Christian George Orms on Nov. 21.

Danielle Marie Holland and Trent Joe Copley on Nov. 9.

Cynthia Kay Berst and Timothy Dean Hert on Nov. 1.

Brooke Nicole Lewis and David Aaron Kuckler on Nov. 13.

Kathleen Mae Barnes and Larry Dean Quanbeck on Nov. 7.

Kathryn Susan Corbett and Jonathon T. Owen on Nov. 7.

Kimberlee Anne Mirabelli and Candace Marie Contardi on Nov. 19.

Carol Ann Goodman and James Brent Loudermilk on Oct. 24.

Carol Diane Holland and Leland Paul Cade on Nov. 14.

Robyn Ann Brawley and Keith Darrell Neuman on Oct. 31.

Lisa Michelle Heier and Perry Ross Fisher on Nov. 7.

Jennifer Marie Knust and Michael Allan Herman on Oct. 25.

Brooke Danielle Hove and Patrick Charles Kessler on Oct. 9.

Sarah Nicole Kurtz and Michael Richard King on Nov. 12.

Lisa Schoer and Phillip Raymond Dietz on Nov. 14.

Gail Lynn Jordan and Timothy Arthur Orr on Nov. 4.

Mara Cathleen Hoskins and Christopher Sandy Rogers on Oct. 24.

Cassie Eileen Brubaker and Bode Caleb Scott on Oct. 30.

Pamela Lou Hill and Donald Earl Fisher on Nov. 5.

Joslyn Louise Thompson and Levi Patrick Wanner on Oct. 25.

Anna Kristie Kersten and Arron James Jesser on Nov. 17.

Marisa Lyn Blomquist and Austin Wade Chandler on Nov. 18.

Jessica Danielle Duggan and Jacob Henry Willoughby on Nov. 20.

Nicole Rene Trang and Dustin Craig Old Crow on Oct. 23.

Michelle Elizabeth Lavenger and Nakia James White on Nov. 6.

Amber Lee Goss and Wade William Boerner on Nov. 13.

Shawna Lee Franks and Paul Timothy Lacey on Nov. 7.

Heather Ann Weiand and Michael Lynn Weiand on Nov.1.

Arianna Maire Campbell and Zachary Alan Pearson on Nov. 20.

Rebecca Rae Hunter and James Patrick Bourke on Nov. 7.

Jennifer Dawn Conard and Ralph Jeremy Hubbard on Oct. 31,

Rachele Dawn Frank and Joseph Donald Binkoski on Oct. 30.

Mary Kathryn Bozman and Grace E Brown on Oct. 30.

Li Fei Li and Yu Sheng Liu on Oct. 30.

Hallee Estelle Tafoya-Lopez and Kyle David Knox on Nov. 6.

Brandi Due Graham and Robert James Luptak on Nov. 3.

Robyn Renee Bisonette and Vincent Alan Gladue on Nov. 4.

Deyja Marie Green and Byron Glenn Whitcomb on Nov. 13.

Shelley Anne Wibberding and David Melendrez on Nov. 3.

Tamala Maureen Kraft and Jeffrey Lewellyn Kraft on Nov. 3.

Marissa Lynn Tilton and William Joseph Reichle on Nov, 4.

Tina Lorraine Walker and Adam Robert Smith on Nov. 6.

Sonata Majauskiene and Giovanni Bergonzini on Nov. 5.

Roberta Rae Haugen and Monte Tim Silk on Nov. 14.

Faith Hope Eagle and Fred Thomas Horpestad on Nov. 12.

Kimberli Dawn Fogleson and Eddy Lowell Leonard on Nov. 6.

Kayla Marie Witte and David Alexander Barker on Nov. 20.

Morgan Teal Leggett and Robert James Tambo on Nov. 6.

Jordan Lynn Rhodes and Kyle Dean Syverson on Nov. 9,

Brittany Nicole Steele and Bernard William Reed on Nov. 19.

Sapphire Lynne Swearingim and Jeffery Ron Celander on Nov. 10.

Naomi Elizabeth Carnahan and Raymond Thomas Schlamp on Nov. 12.

Karen Jane Drinkwalter and Colin Dale Kobel on Nov. 16.

Stephanie Renee Standford and James Robert Nymeyer on Nov. 17.

Sarah Audrey Johnson and Anthony Shane Hurley on Nov. 17.

Robert Patrick Haran and Randy Wayne Napier on Nov. 23.

Isabella MeiLu King and James Pius Schmalz on Nov. 17.

Toni Marie Ryan and Levi Joseph Dodge on Nov. 20.

Charlotte Kristan Kelley and John Philipp Nelson on Nov. 23.

Madison Nicole Southworth and Ryann Ora Jones on Nov. 30.